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This Week: Flash Annual #1 and Digital Dead Heat

Flash Annual #1 Cover

  • The Rogues – victorious? If THE FLASH had trouble with them individually, together they’ll kill him!
  • Something worse than The Rogues is just waiting for the right moment to attack….

Written by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato
Art by Francis Manapul & Marcus To

DC has a spotlight article and a preview of the issue.

Flash #111As far as back issues go, ComiXology is releasing Flash #110-111 and Impulse #12. This concludes the “Dead Heat” crossover started last week. The Flash and his allies have tracked Savitar to his lair, but can one Flash and a team of powerless speedsters stand against an army of super-speed ninjas? And how can Wally West defeat someone who has dedicated his life to studying the speed force?

In the aftermath, time-lost Legionnaire Jenni Ognats (XS) joins her cousin Bart Allen trying to fit in as a 20th-century teenager.

Flash (1987-2009) on ComiXology
Impulse on ComiXology

It’s Read Comics In Public Day!

Read Comics In Public DayIn honor of Jack Kirby’s birthday, today is the third annual Read Comics In Public Day, created by Brian Heater and Sarah Morean at The Daily Cross Hatch.

Comics are fun — that’s why we read them, right? So why hide your love of comics? Read about the event or just go out and read. Bring some comics along to read on your lunch break, or at a park, or on the bus or train. Head to one of the meet-up events today.

And if you want to share stories or photos, the official hashtag is #readcomicsinpublic and there’s a Flickr pool as well.

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This Week: Flash #12, Digital Dead Heat

This week it’s The Flash #12. The regular art team returns as all the individual stories of the Rogues come together, leading into next week’s Flash Annual #1.

  • Setting up The Rogues as a team as the next major storyline for the series begins!
  • Glider takes center stage!

Written by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
Art by Francis Manapul

In the digital realm, ComiXology is releasing four issues of “Dead Heat”, the Flash/Impulse crossover from 1995. Flash #108-109 (Mark Waid and Oscar Jimenez) and Impulse #10-11 (Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos) cover chapters 1-3 and 5 of the 6-part story, and I’m sure we’ll see chapters 4 and 6 next week. With any luck, they’ll jump back and release Flash #50 soon as well, since they left of with one heck of a cliffhanger in Flash #49 last week.

Savitar, an old enemy of Max Mercury’s, has returned. Obsessed with speed, he has found a way to divert all of the Speed Force’s energy to himself and his followers. But there’s one speedster still in the running, someone who recently connected himself more closely to the speed force than even Savitar: Wally West. Jay Garrick, Johnny Quick, Jesse Quick, Max Mercury, Impulse and XS team up to stop Savitar, but more than one speedster won’t make it out alive!

Flash (1987-2009) on ComiXology
Impulse on ComiXology