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Flash Annual Spotlight at The Source

As part of a weeklong look at the upcoming New 52 Annuals, DC Comics’ Source blog has a new post up with some new information on the upcoming Flash Annual #1, by Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato and a cast of artists working from Manapul’s layouts. From Brian Buccellato:

“We couldn’t be happier with the collection of talent we assembled to work from Francis’ layouts. Broken up into chapters, on art duties we have Marcus To, Diogenes Neves, Marcio Takara, Wes Craig, and FLASH legend Scott Kolins! We just had to offer Scott the Rogues ‘flashback chapter,’ and were delighted that he accepted. His take on ‘The Old Rogues’ is new and fresh, yet pays homage to the gang’s history. It might sound clichéd, but it’s truly everything we hoped for and more.”

In the post, Buccellato also promises that the Annual will deliver the first Rogues team-up of the New 52 Flash series, as well as the much-anticipated tale of their journey from “…the old ‘gun-toting’ Rogues that everyone remembers from previous continuity, and the new meta-powered incarnations. In the Annual, we finally reveal HOW the Rogues got their super powers and at what cost.”

Check it out at The SourceFlash Annual #1 is in stores August 29.

Next Tuesday is Read Comics In Public Day (August 28)

Read Comics In Public DayRead Comics In Public Day is coming up next week, on Tuesday, August 28. Celebrating it is simple: Just read comics in public!

From the announcement of this year’s event:

That’s right, we haven’t abandoned the cause — for as long as people sneak comics home from shops in unmarked brown paper bags, we will be there. As long as men and women conveniently fail to mention their love of sequential art until the third date, we will be there. As long as we’re content to use any excuse to celebrate — and read — comics, we’ll be there.

It’s held on August 28 because that’s Jack Kirby’s birthday (he would have been 95 this year).

So head over to your local comic shop this weekend, pick up some reading material, and plan to kick back on a park bench, a bus or train, the break room at work, at a restaurant, or anywhere else where you can show people that yes, regular folks do in fact read comics!

You can also check out one of the meet-up events if there’s one nearby, or plan your own.

Questions for iPad & Other Tablet Users

Do you visit Speed Force using a tablet? If so, I have a few really quick questions for you.

  1. What type/brand of tablet is it? (iPad, Android, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, etc?)
  2. What size? (Roughly speaking, 10″ iPad size or 7″ paperback book size?)
  3. On Speed Force, do you see the full layout, or the stripped-down mobile layout?
  4. Which view would you prefer?


Kotobukiya’s New 52 ARTFX+ Statues The Flash

Hey Speed Readers,

Japanese company Kotobukiya, has teamed up with DC Comics to give us some slick statues based on the New 52. With Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern already announced Flash will be joining the ranks of Kotobukiya’s Justice League in March of 2013:

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Kotobukiya’s line of DC Comics “New 52” ARTFX+ Statues continues, capturing the new looks and costumes of heroes in the Justice League. Racing to join the previously released Superman and Green Lantern comes the Scarlet Speedster and guardian of the Gem Cities, THE FLASH! Barry Allen was a mild-mannered forensic scientist (who was perpetually late) working late at night in his lab when a bolt of lightning changed his life forever. The electricity and chemicals combined mysteriously to imbue Allen with unbelievable speed and thus the Flash was born!

Not content merely to stand at attention like his fellow Justice Leaguers Superman and Green Lantern, the Flash can’t stay still for a moment. Ready to speed off to fight crime or supervillains with a wide-legged stance, Allen cracks his knuckles in anticipation. The Scarlet Speedster’s New 52 costume maintains the character’s traditional bright red and yellow color scheme but updates it with a bold new lightning bolt logo and intricate energy lines crackling all over his suit. The Flash’s excellent sculpt even includes the new technological details of his costume like the reinforced boots.

Standing 7 ½ inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale), the Flash was sculpted by master artist Atelier Bamboo. Magnets in his feet make him perfectly stable on his included display base, and he’ll look great on your shelf next to the rest of the Justice League including the upcoming Wonder Woman!

Release: March 2013

The statue is available for preorder at a number of outlets, my personal favorite, being It will retail for $39.99 usd, but you can find it at BBTS for $35.99.

Personally, I love this statue! Absolutely love it. Not only is it priced well but with all the sculpted details, being an import and standing at 7 ½ inches tall, I can’t think of a better deal. Plus, it’s so shiny!

Anyone plan on preordering this statue or waiting until the release and then trying your luck then? I’m probably going to wait a couple of months myself and make up my mind on whether I seriously want to throw support towards the New 52 or not. Such an excellent, affordable statue though. Decisions, decisions. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson

Nightwing 101 Sale Includes Digitial Flash Back-Issues

The Flash Plus Nightwing

ComiXology is holding a Nightwing 101 sale this weekend, with 101 comics featuring Nightwing for 99¢ each. In addition to issues of Nightwing, Robin Year One, and Robin’s first appearance in Detective Comics #38, there’s also a “Friends and Allies” section with team-ups and a significant New Teen Titans arc. There’s some solid Flash content from the Wally West series in here:

  • Flash #81-83: “Back on Track” guest-starring Nightwing, Starfire and Magenta. (More accurately it’s parts 2-4 of the story, I guess because IIRC Nightwing and Starfire only show up on the last page of part 1.)
  • Flash #210-211 guest-starring Nightwing
  • The Flash Plus Nightwing – Wally and Dick go on a road trip vacation and end up mixed up in an extradimensional invasion.
  • The New Teen Titans #39 – in which Dick Grayson and Wally West retire as Robin and Kid Flash.