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Beyond Origins: The Flash of the Beyond Universe (Review)

20130630-143635.jpgThe latest installment of Justice League Beyond, Chapter 25, gives us the origin of the newest Flash, Dani Williams. This character has already shone in her previous appearances with the future Justice League, and now we finally get the full scoop on this very interesting addition to the Flash legacy.


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Flash Beyond: Origin in Justice League Beyond Chapter 25

Justice League Beyond Chapter 25: The Flash Origin

If you’ve been wondering how Danica Williams became the future Flash in Justice League Beyond, wonder no longer: today’s digital installment of the series features her origin spotlight, as told by Derek Fridolfs and Marcus To, with a cover by Khary Randolph. There’s even a nice splash page of all the speedsters and Flash villains of the DC Animated Universe. (This series takes place in the same world as Justice League Unlimited and Batman Beyond, so there’s no Barry Allen, but there are some characters that I don’t recall seeing in the DCAU before.)

“Titans Together!” Raven, Kid Flash and all the Titans Against The Trigon Bros! (Review of Issue #21)

TT 21 coverThis was a truly action-packed issue of Teen Titans, and for once every member of the team had their chance to shine in the same issue.  If you like great battles, this is definitely an issue of TT you don’t want to miss!  This is a team finally learning how to work together in a way they haven’t done before in the New 52, and they are proving to be a most formidable group.  But, can even this level of teamwork succeed…or even survive…against the sons of Trigon?


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What The Flash #21 Says About Bart…and Each of Us (Commentary)

Flash 21 coverNote: This is an opinion piece, and it represents just my own opinion here…

I have been very interested in the reactions to The Flash #21, and in the variety of reviews for this issue.  Some have been glowing (including my review) and some have been not-so-glowing, which happens to a lot of comics these days…but the source of the debate seems a bit more consistent than with other issues.  It comes down in no small measure to the characterization of Bart Allen and how different fans feel about his depiction in this issue.  I stand by my review for reasons I’ll explain in must a moment…but I do understand how others feel about this subject.  It hearkens back to the debates about the launch of the New 52, and to other changes in continuity over the years – and it says a lot about how we feel about these wonderful characters and about continuity changes in general.

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Flash, Swamp Thing and JL Dark vs Doctor Destiny! (Review of Justice League Dark #21)

jl dark 21 coverThis issue concludes a three-issue visit from The Flash and Swamp Thing to Justice League Dark, one of the more eerie and entertaining titles in the New 52.  Doctor Destiny has hijacked the House of Mystery, and using the captured Swamp Thing has the whole place completely under his control!  Can even the combined might of the Fastest Man Alive and Justice League Dark stop this menace?


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The Speed Force 5th Photo Challenge!

speedforce5th Photo Challenge Collage

At last, it’s the highlights from the #speedforce5th photo challenge! Thanks to everyone who participated by showing off your favorite Flash memorabilia. You have a great mix of toys, customs, comics, original art, and even fan art! Starting from upper left, we have @asowrey1158, @flash_jlanm, @i_am_flash, @royalflood, @shaerileth, @flash_jlanm again, and @bigragzz. You can see all the photos on Webstagram. (Update: or at least some of them on Instagram)

We’re still going through the entries for the Fifth Anniversary Contest, and hope to have the results soon. Sorry for the delay!