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Speed Force Fifth Anniversary Contest

Welcome to Speed Force’s fifth anniversary celebration! As part of the fun, we’re running another contest for Flash fans to participate in. And of course there will be prizes!

The idea is simple: just tell us why you like the Flash. Any Flash –- it can be Jay, Barry, Wally, Bart, or all of them (or even just the Flash as a concept). Or perhaps tell us about what he/they mean to you. You can write about it or draw it, whatever suits your talents, and we’ll post the entries after the contest is over. To enter, send your submission here.

The contest will run from Monday June 17 to Monday June 24, with a deadline of 11:50 PM Pacific Time. One entry per person, please. The five Speed Force writers (Kelson, Devin, Greg, Ed, and myself) will select our favourites from the submitted entries and award the prizes.

Good luck, and have fun!

Photo Challenge! Speed Force Fifth

Flash Stuff

Speed Force turns five years old tomorrow (hard to believe, huh?), and one of the ways we’re celebrating is with a photo challenge. (See, I told you we had something in store for our Instagram page.)

To participate, follow @SpeedForceOrg on Instagram and post a photo of your favorite Flash item tagged #speedforce5th.

It can be a comic book, a toy, a statue, a costume, a poster, a piece of original art, a DVD, a shirt or towel, a game piece, anything. It can be official or custom-made. It can be something you own, or something you’ve seen.

We’ll post the highlights next Friday. (Please post your own photos only.)

If you aren’t on Instagram, don’t worry — we’ve got something else planned that you can participate in too!

Wow, five years. Big thanks to Devin, Greg, Lia and Ed for joining me on this journey, to everyone who’s guest-posted, to my wife and son for putting up with me spending time on it, and to all of you for coming along with us!

When you get home from “Man of Steel” this weekend, check on Speed Force. We’ve got a lot more in store as we celebrate our fifth anniversary!

Wanted: Guest Bloggers

Flash reading letters

Happy new year! To celebrate 2013, we’re going to do something we haven’t done in a while at Speed Force: Turn the reigns over to you! That’s right, we’re looking for guest writers to shake things up a bit.

Here’s the kind of post that we’re looking for:

  • Something about the Flash, another speedster, or a related character. (Max Mercury, Impulse and Jesse Quick are fair game. The Flash supporting casts are fair game. The Rogues are fair game. Quicksilver, Cheetara, Sonic the Hedgehog, speedsters from Heroes, even Stan Lee’s Lightspeed if you can stand watching it.)
  • A mix of topics would be great. Review a trade paperback or a single issue, submit photos of your fan costume, write up how to make your costume, talk about your favorite writer or artist, show off a convention sketch or commission, tell the story behind your favorite item of Flash memorabilia, explain what you like about your favorite speedster or Rogue, write up your favorite Flash story, etc. You can write about the New 52, or about any period in the Flash’s 72-year history. Heck, you could write about Hermes and speedsters of mythology.
  • Don’t be nasty. You can be negative if you want, but please don’t start griping about “Boring Allen” or crowing about how Wally is a pale imitation of the “real Flash.” Similarly, no personal insults toward writers, artists or fans.

If you’re interested in writing a guest post for Speed Force, please email me at speedforce – at – pobox – dot – com or let me know through the contact form. Include the topic(s) you’d like to write about (but feel free to change your mind later if you think of something better).

Depending on how many responses we get, we’ll probably run two or three each week starting the second half of January or beginning of February.

So, who’s interested?

Questions for iPad & Other Tablet Users

Do you visit Speed Force using a tablet? If so, I have a few really quick questions for you.

  1. What type/brand of tablet is it? (iPad, Android, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, etc?)
  2. What size? (Roughly speaking, 10″ iPad size or 7″ paperback book size?)
  3. On Speed Force, do you see the full layout, or the stripped-down mobile layout?
  4. Which view would you prefer?


Four Top 4 Lists for Four Years of Speed Force

Our celebration of Speed Force’s fourth anniversary (last Friday) continues with a look back the Top 4s of the last four years.

Don’t forget to share your favorite Flash memory for our contest! Only a few hours left!

Top 4 Most-Commented Articles

4. Young Justice: Bloodlines (June 2012, 61 responses). The recent episode featuring four generations of Flashes. People started out commenting on the big reveal of Impulse, then moved into discussing the episode when it aired. The response to this post, and the images posted on Facebook, Tumblr, and yes, even Google+, convinced me of two things: 1. People like photos more than text. 2. Young Justice has more fans than the Flash comic book. Which isn’t surprising, since Young Justice probably has more viewers than the most popular comic book has readers.

(I wasn’t sure how to count posts with the new comment system, since it includes Likes and Retweets along with local comments, Facebook comments and Twitter replies. Filtering out the Likes and retweets knocks it down to 50, just behind Wally West’s New Costume at 51.)

Earth 2 Cover3. Jay Garrick Redesign Revealed (April 2012, 64 comments). The Earth 2 redesign has been…polarizing? This was a simple repost of the cover from Earth 2 #2 when DC released it alongside a James Robinson interview.

2. Why I Don’t Like Barry Allen Generating the Speed Force (April 2011, 73 comments). An opinion piece about a retcon to the way the speed force works. Judging by the heated responses from some people, I’m not sure everyone read past the first six words in the title.

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