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Action Figure Based On DCnU Flash Revamp Announced & Other Collectible News

Hey Speed Readers,

As you should surely be aware of by now the biggest comic book convention of the year, San Diego Comic Con 2011 is well under way and there are some exciting announcements concerning Flash collectibles.

DC Direct has already announced a wave of action figures based on the upcoming DC Universe reboot. The Flash is one of the figures further along in development and Toynewsi had some awesome pictures and news from the DC Direct booth:

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Flashpoint #4 and #5 in August (Solicit and Cover)

In yesterday’s Newsarama interview, Geoff Johns revealed that he and Andy Kubert are almost finished with the final issue of Flashpoint, and that DC would be shipping both Flashpoint #4 and Flashpoint #5 in August. Today, DC released the solicitation for both issues on The Source, along with the cover for #4.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
1:25 Black and white variant covers A by ANDY KUBERT
Issue #4 Variant cover B by IVAN REIS and GEORGE PEREZ
Issue #5 Variant cover B by RAGS MORALES

FLASH FACT: The war between the Amazons and the Atlantians has arrived. The battles between Diana of Themsycira and Emperor Aquaman will tear this world apart – unless The Flash can fix it!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of its impact on the DC Universe, FLASHPOINT #5 is the only title that DC Comics is currently soliciting to arrive in stores on August 31.

Issue #4 on sale AUGUST 3
Issue #5 on sale AUGUST 31
4 and 5 of 5, 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US RATED T

DC is really pushing the “big changes ahead” theme, aren’t they?

Keep an eye on The Source today. DC’s releasing the solicits for all of August’s Flashpoint issues, one by one.

Flashpoint #1 Cover

The Aquaman Shrine posted this image of the full cover for Flashpoint #1, with full logo and credits.

Flashpoint #1 ships next week, along with Flash #12, the “final” issue of the series. (We’ll just have to see see how DC relaunches it afterward.) A preview will also appear in DC’s Green Lantern special for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday.

In related news, USA Today writes about Flashpoint, “Not the DC heroes you know,” interviewing Dan Didio, editor Eddie Berganza, artist Andy Kubert, and comics retailer Brian Hibbs. Kubert talks about redesigning Wonder Woman and Batman, and Didio talks about the way DC is trying to combat event fatigue.

Quick Links: Artist Interviews — Andy Kubert on Flashpoint, Francis Manapul on Flash

Two recent interviews with Flash artists:

The Source posted a Q&A with Andy Kubert focusing on his work on Flashpoint. He doesn’t reveal anything about the story, but talks about the process of working with Geoff Johns, redesigning characters, and being sworn to secrecy on a project that everyone knows he’s working on.

Ain’t It Cool News’ Johnny Destructo interviewed Francis Manapul. He talks about how he got into comics, how he ended up working on Adventure Comics and The Flash (interestingly, it seems that someone else was going to draw The Flash, but backed out), his art process, pacing, Central City, and de-aging Iris.