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SDCC 2011 Graphitti Designs/DC Direct Exclusive Flashpoint Zoom Pics *Updated*

For those of you who have been waiting for pictures of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Professor Zoom, you need not wait any longer. Our very own friendly neighborhood webmaster and Flash historian, Kelson Vibber attended SDCC 2011 and managed to snag an exclusive DC Direct/Graphitti Designs Flashpoint Professor Zoom action figure. Let’s take a closer look:

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Action Figure Based On DCnU Flash Revamp Announced & Other Collectible News

Hey Speed Readers,

As you should surely be aware of by now the biggest comic book convention of the year, San Diego Comic Con 2011 is well under way and there are some exciting announcements concerning Flash collectibles.

DC Direct has already announced a wave of action figures based on the upcoming DC Universe reboot. The Flash is one of the figures further along in development and Toynewsi had some awesome pictures and news from the DC Direct booth:

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Brightest Day White Lantern Flash Available Online *UPDATED*

Hello, Speed Readers. Just a couple updates on the Graphitti Designs Convention Exclusive Brightest Day White Lantern Flash Action Figure courtesy of Action Figure Insider. Some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that the figure is now available on Graphitti Designs official webpage, Graphittidesigns.com. The figure is 20 dollars and is only available in limited quantities. Great news for those who could not get out to C2E2 or Wondercon to get them the first time.

Unfortunately this also means that they will not be available at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con as DC Direct exclusives. So if you were patiently waiting for these chances to grab the figure you may have to seize the day now and get one while the getting is good. The price for the figure on eBay floats between 40 and 140 dollars so I would suggest getting it from Graphitti now.

Anyone planning on picking one up now that they are available online?



It looks like Graphitti Designs have officially sold out of their stock of White Lantern Flash Action Figures as the link I posted earlier this morning now points to a unavailable product page. Sorry for those that missed out. Anyone else manage to snag one before they sold out?


Devin “Flash” Johnson

White Lantern Flash Exclusive Action Figure

DC Comics’ official blog, The Source announced earlier this morning that an exclusive White Lantern Flash action figure will be sold this weekend at C2E2 and later at WonderCon. Distributed by popular pop culture t-shirt company,¬†Graphitti Designs and limited to 1000 pieces, this is sure to be a big collector’s item one day. Of course we fans have actually known about the figure for quite sometime but this is the first official statement and pictures regarding it. Take a look:


They chose the smallest picture ever to show off the figure on the site here is a slightly clearer one courtesy of AFI:


I don’t fully get the whole White Lantern thing as I have not been following Brightest Day at all really, but not a bad figure. It is obviously a repaint of the DC Direct Blue Lantern Flash released a bit ago and that is not a bad thing at all. In fact that figure is probably one of the best sculpted DC Direct Flash figures in years, so I have no problem with them reusing it.

The design elements of the costume itself are pretty interesting, especially the choice of Wally’s belt instead of Barry’s classic straight across design. I don’t particularly like when they mix and match elements of Wally and Barry (as in the case of Young Justice’s Flash) but it definitely works better for the overall look. I can’t wait to see this figure up close and personal though, I have a feeling that the pictures don’t do the piece justice.

Oddly enough, DC left out the information about pricing. I believe it will be going for around 18 dollars or so. Availability of the exclusive will be limited to one item per guest. A number of websites and sellers on evilBay are offering preorders for the item for those that can’t make it out to the Cons. The prices however range from as low as 16.99 on some websites to as high as 70 dollars on evilBay.

Does anyone else plan on picking up White Lantern Flash?

Thanks for reading,

-Devin “Flash” Johnson