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*Breaking News* Wally West Figure Finally Announced! ****UPDATED****

Hey Speed Readers,

Unless you’ve been living underground for the last six months or so you have to be aware that SDCC 2012 officially began today and while there isn’t a ton of Flashy news on the collectibles front, one awesome thing stands out!

Wally West will finally be released as a Mattel Action Figure: 

 Picture via Actionfigureinsider.com

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Reminder: DC Signature Collection Golden Age Flash on Sale 5/15/12

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Just a friendly reminder for those anxiously awaiting the release of Mattel’s DC Signature Collection Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, the figure goes on sale on Mattycollector.com this Tuesday, May 15, 2012.  Of course those that signed up for the subscription (not I) will be getting theirs shipped out automatically. Although earlier this month Mattel posted on Matty’s news page that due to “logistics issues” the shipments of the figure won’t be arriving at the docks until pretty much the day of the sale. Due to that they’ve told customers to allow 5 to 7 additional days for orders containing the figure to arrive. Naturally the customers who subscribed to Club Infinite Earths 2012 will receive their orders first. The figure will set the rest of us back $18.99 usd plus shipping.

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Flash Collectible News Round-Up: Mattel

Hey Speed Readers,

I know it’s been a while since we’ve updated you on all the Flash Collectible News swirling about and there has been quite a bit these past few weeks. We will begin with Mattel:

For those of you who missed it Mattel quietly announced the cancellation of their Young Justice 4 inch and 6 inch action figures at retail citing poor retailer support. They later went on to make an official announcement that the figures that are further along in tooling may receive releases on Mattycollector.com in the near future but they can’t be 100% about it.

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First Pics of New 52 Flash Action Figure Via CBR

Salutations Speed Readers,

Comic Book Resources (CBR) released the first pictures of Wave 2 of the offshoot brand, DC Universe All-Stars to be released later next year in an interview with Associate Marketing Manager for DC Universe, Young Justice and Superman Danielle McLachlan, Mattycollector.com Marketing Manager Scott Neitlich, Batman Associate Marketing Manager Derick Deller and Warner Bros. Marketing Manager John Friberg.

Mattel announced a few months back that as of Wave 20 (featuring White Lantern Flash and Professor Zoom) DC Universe Classics will no longer be sold at retail. DC Universe Classics will instead become Mattel’s DC Universe Club Infinite Earths Subscription program. They will continue to release more varied characters from the rich history of the DC Universe using the subscription while their new retail line, DC Universe All-Stars is Mattel’s attempt to keep familiar characters in the store that parents will be more likely to recognize. Essentially any figure with a ‘Bat’ an ‘S’, or a ‘Lantern’ on it, as opposed to that “funky guy with the bandages” and ‘Captain Freeze’ that mom likely knows nothing about.

Mattel’s new 52 Flash:

Not the largest picture, but we can see most of the details that we need to, including the fact they definitely skimped on the details with these figures as opposed to the DC Direct Prototypes we saw a few months back:

Mattel seems to be going for a less artist specific look than DC Direct which is usually the case. The result of which is the Mattel version looking more like Wally West than the new Barry Allen. I’m also seeing much more detail on the DC Direct version of the figure with the inclusion of the chin strap, modified wings and lightning accents on the torso. Mattel nailed the boots and raised emblem but missed the mark on the mask and wings. Hopefully both of these prototypes will see some changes before their final releases.

What do you guys think of the prototypes so far? Will you be picking up Mattel’s version of the Flash, DC Direct’s or both? Let us know in the comments below and as always thanks for reading,

Devin “Flash” Johnson

Reminder: JLU Jay Garrick on Sale Tomorrow at Mattycollector.com

Salutations Speed Readers,

Just a quick reminder for those anxiously awaiting for the last major Flash-related offering from Mattel’s Justice League Unlimited line. Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash will be on sale tomorrow in a three pack along with Alan Scott (the Golden Age Green Lantern) and the Golden Age Hawkman:


The three pack will officially go on sale at 9 a.m. Pacific (12 noon Eastern) time and will set you back around 20 dollars for all three. Not a bad deal at all, especially considering some prices for JLU at retail. Not to mention you get three all new action figures as opposed to the previous JLU three packs where we were lucky in some cases to get one (I’m looking at you Heatwave pack).

I personally had planned on getting two packs in order to support DC and the JLU line but this will probably be one of my last major Flash purchases for a while and I think I will only be getting one initially. I already purchased a prototype of the Jay Garrick Flash a few months ago and having three of the same figure would be overkill.

You can purchase the set tomorrow by following this link.

In any case happy hunting! I hope everyone gets a chance to grab one!

Thanks for reading,

Devin Johnson





Young Justice Series 1 Kid Flash Pictures *Image Intensive*

Greetings Speed Readers,

For those not in the know Young Justice is DC Comic’s latest animated series to hit Cartoon Network. The Kid Flash featured on this show has been stated and explicitly named as Wally West. This is obviously Wally before he graduates on to (possibly) becoming the Fastest Man Alive. The 4.25″ action figure of Kid Flash has been hitting stores all over the country and I finally got my hands on one via Amazon.com. First some mint on card pics:

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