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Vote! Two TV Flashes Move to Round 2 of CSBG’s March Madness

The stars of both live-action Flash TV shows have moved on to the next round in their respective brackets in CSBG’s annual March Madness DC/Marvel character tournament.

Kyle Gallner’s Bart Allen from Smallville didn’t make it, but considering he was up against Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl, that’s not terribly surprising.

Head over to CSBG to check out the rest of the match-ups!

Vote! Flashes in CSBG’s March Madness

CSBG’s annual March Madness DC/Marvel superhero tournament is on, and this year the focus is on TV adaptations. Voting is open for Round 1, including three speedsters:

Daily Planet Region:

  • Batgirl/Barbara Gordon (Yvonne Craig, Batman 1966) vs. Impulse/Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner, Smallville)
  • Flash/Barry Allen (Flash 2014) vs. Huntress/Helena Kyle (Ashley Scott, Birds of Prey)

Batcave Region:

  • Flash/Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp, Flash 1990) vs. Martian Manhunter/J’onn J’onnz/John Jones (Phil Morris, Smallville)

Here’s the full tournament bracket.

Poll Results: Your Favorite Flash Stories of 2015

2015 has seen a full year of Flash comics, two Convergence tie-in miniseries, a Darkseid War one-shot, the second half of season one and the first half of season two of the Flash TV show.

What have your favorites been? We ran a poll asking that question, and here are the results from 70 responses:

1. What was your favorite Flash comic book story this year?

Convergence: Speed Force (Pre-Flashpoint Wally West) 22 34%
Flash vs. Professor Zoom (Flash #41-47) 18 28%
Convergence: The Flash (Pre-Crisis Barry Allen) 9 14%
Darkseid War: The Flash 8 13%
Savage Speed Force (Flash #36-40) 5 8%
Creation Myths (Flash Annual #4, Prof. Zoom recruits his team) 2 3%

Judging by comments, I was expecting readers to really shy away from the current storyline. But as it turns out, the Convergence miniseries starring pre-Flashpoint Wally West and the just-wrapped Professor Zoom story in the DCYou were tied for most of the week, with Convergence pulling ahead only in the last day.

2. What was your favorite episode from the second half of Flash Season One?

1.23 Fast Enough 20 30%
1.15 Out of Time 15 23%
1.17 Tricksters 11 17%
1.19 Who Is Harrison Wells? 4 6%
1.13 The Nuclear Man 4 6%
1.22 Rogue Air 3 5%
1.16 Rogue Time 3 5%
1.21 Grodd Lives 2 3%
1.10 Revenge of the Rogues 2 3%
1.20 The Trap 1 2%
1.18 All Star Team Up 1 2%
1.11 The Sound and the Fury 0 0%
1.12 Crazy for You 0 0%
1.14 Fallout 0 0%

Clear winners here were the time-travel episodes — including the season finale, which wrapped up a whole year of ongoing story arcs — and the nostalgia-fueled return of the Trickster.

3. What was your favorite episode from the first half of Flash Season Two?

2.6 Enter Zoom 21 31%
2.2 Flash of Two Worlds 14 21%
2.8 Legends of Today / Arrow 4.8 Legends of Yesterday 10 15%
2.3 Family of Rogues 7 10%
2.7 Gorilla Warfare 6 9%
2.9 Running to Stand Still 6 9%
2.5 The Darkness and the Light 3 4%
2.4 The Fury of Firestorm 0 0%
2.1 The Man Who Saved Central City 0 0%

Viewers were clearly impressed by the first direct encounter between Zoom and Barry Allen.

4. Who is your favorite new character in Flash Season Two so far?

This was a free-form question rather than multiple choice, so I’ll summarize the top responses:

Harry / Earth-2 Harrison Wells 15
Jay Garrick 12
Patty Spivot 12
Zoom 10
Wally West 5

“Harry” Wells is the clear front-runner here. I was surprised to see Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot tied, which shows how well Patty works with this cast. Some of the other write-ins included Hawkgirl (2), Vandal Savage…and strangely, Barry Allen and “Flash.” Yeah, I’m a little confused about those last two.

5. Who are you most looking forward to seeing in the second half of Flash Season Two?

Again, this was a free-answer question, so I’ll summarize the top responses.

Wally West 17
Zoom 10
Mirror Master 8
Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash 7

Lots of anticipation for Wally West (no surprise there!) as well as finding out more about Zoom. Mirror Master’s also way up there, as the last high-profile Rogue yet to be seen. (The Top was part of the core group in the Silver Age, but has only appeared sporadically since then, and while Dr. Alchemy and Abra Kadabra are major Flash villains, they’ve never been part of the Rogues proper.)

Other responses included Jesse Quick (2), Killer Frost (2), Alan Scott, Tar Pit, Jay Garrick back in action as the Flash, Max Mercury, Barry breaking the time barrier by himself, and new Rogues.

So how about you? If you missed the poll, sound off here! If you answered, go into more detail. What do you think about your fellow fans’ choices?

Flashes in the Top 7

Flash selfieEvery few years, Comics Should Be Good polls its readers for their favorite DC and Marvel characters and ranks the top 50 from each of the two publishers. This year, two Flashes came in the top 10:

Barry Allen at #7
Wally West at #6

This is the third time CSBG has run this poll, and it’s interesting to see how the various Flashes have fared. Jay Garrick and Bart Allen have both been pushed out of the running since 2011, but Barry Allen and Wally West are still both in the top 10. And while Wally is still ahead of Barry in the poll, they’re a lot closer than they were last time.

Character 2007 2011 2015
Jay Garrick (Flash) #41 #45
Bart Allen (Impulse/Kid Flash) #42 #36
Barry Allen (Flash) #29 #9 #7
Wally West (Flash/Kid Flash) #3 #6 #6

2007 was kind of an odd year: Barry Allen had been dead for 20 years, and Wally West had been the main Flash for most of that time until he was shuffled offstage in Infinite Crisis. That was 2006, and DC replaced Wally with a prematurely-aged Bart Allen. Then in 2007, they killed Bart and brought Wally back. The poll hit in the middle of all this. Feelings among Wally’s fans at the time were…intense, pushing him up to the #3 spot, right behind Superman and Batman. Barry, meanwhile, lacked visibility, explaining his much lower ranking that year.

Results! Flash Favorites of 2014 and Anticipating Next Year

What were your favorite Flash comic and TV stories of the year? And what’s got you excited about next year? Vote in our 4-question poll, then come back here to discuss!

Update: The results are in! 113 people voted in the survey, and there were some pretty clear winners.


1. What was your favorite Flash TV episode of 2014?

“The Man in the Yellow Suit” won handily with 38% of the vote, followed by “Going Rogue” (Captain Cold) at 25% and “Flash vs. Arrow” at 17%. The Arrow part of the crossover was listed separately, and came in at 7%. No one voted for “Plastique.” People like their Reverse Flashes and Rogues. (Screencap from FlashTVNews.)

Barry vs Barry

2. What’s your favorite Flash comic book story from 2014?

The Future Flash storyline by Jensen/Venditti, Booth & Rapmund took a whopping 46% of the vote, followed by “History Lessons” (Flash #27-29), the Keystone Killer storyline by Buccellato and Zircher, at 19%. I listed the Mashup Gang story that ran in parallel to the Future Flash on its own, and it only came in at 7%, after a near-tie (one vote difference) between Season Zero’s story of Mr. Bliss’ circus and the updated origin story in Secret Origins #6.

Speed Force / Convergence: Wally West and the Twins

Which Flash comic book story are you most looking forward to in the first half of 2015?

A strong consensus on this one as well: 44% voted for Convergence: Speed Force featuring pre-Flashpoint Wally West and the twins. The next one down was the stranded Barry/Future Flash story playing out in the main book right now, at 19%, then the Convergence: Flash mini featuring a Bronze-Age Barry Allen at 16%. Sad to say, fully 8% of respondents chose “Don’t you mean, which story do I dread the least?”

Mark Hamill as the Trickster (1990)

4. Which confirmed guest stars are you most excited about for the second half of Flash: Season 1?

This one’s a lot more even: Coming into first place was the Trickster at 27%, followed by the return of the Reverse Flash at 22% and the debut of Heat Wave & Captain Cold at 20%. I wonder how much of the Trickster love is for the character, and how much is for the return of Mark Hamill?

In any case, we here at Speed Force hope you had a good 2014, and wish you a happy new year!

Poll Results: Who is Harrison Wells? (Updated)

One of The Flash TV series’ mysteries is Barry Allen’s benefactor at S.T.A.R. Laboratories, Harrison Wells. He’s got secret abilities, secret knowledge, a secret agenda, and only the vaguest of backstories, and if he’s not actually a time traveler, he at least has access to future knowledge.

We ran a poll over the last week asking readers which secret identity they thought was most likely. Here are the results.

Who is Harrison Wells? Poll results

The most popular theory, so far, is that he’s the Reverse Flash. A few people wrote in to specify Hunter Zolomon or Eobard Thawne. Future Barry Allen and “exactly who he says he is” were very a close second and third. After that, it was a sharp drop.

Write-ins Abra Kadabra (a time traveler who uses a lot of future technology) and Hunter Zolomon (wheelchair-bound, obsessed with making the Flash a better hero in his own twisted way) were popular, making me wonder how many people would have chosen them if I’d remembered to include Kadabra on the list, or split the two Zooms across separate options.

Full details below. I’ve combined write-ins where appropriate. Continue reading