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Review: Citizen Cold #3

Citizen Cold #3 marks the end of the limited series, and while I definitely enjoyed it overall, it ended pretty much as expected. Given the nature of Flashpoint, this was probably inevitable, but it’s still a slight disappointment considering how much promise the series started with. More details and spoilers after the cut.

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Preview up for Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3

DC has released a 4-page preview of next week’s Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3:

He may have once been seen as Central City’s hero, but as the truth about Citizen Cold’s criminal past begins to trickle out, it’ll only be a matter of time before his true identity is revealed. With an entire gallery of Rogues set on killing him, Citizen Cold will have to work to not only protect himself but also to stop Iris West from losing her trust in him. But when she discovers a dark connection between them that he had kept hidden from her, does Citizen Cold stand any sort of chance defeating all of the odds stacking up against him?

Written and drawn by Scott Kolins, FLASHPOINT: CITIZEN COLD #3 arrives in stores on Wednesday.

Reviews: Flashpoint – Reverse Flash

Speed Force contributors Devin “Flash” Johnson and Greg Elias take a look at last week’s Flashpoint: Reverse Flash one-shot, written by longtime Flash artist Scott Kolins and illustrated by Joel Gomez, with colors by Brian Buccellato.

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Scott Kolins Talks Flashpoint: Citizen Cold

At Heroes*Con, Ken O of That F’ing Monkey interviewed Scott Kolins, the writer/artist of Flashpoint; Citizen Cold. Kolins talked how he ended up tweaking the various characters and their looks, including a funny story about the Weather Wizard:

I got to do something that Geoff Johns laughed about; I gave Weather Wizard that goatee. It’s a reference to when we had originally changed his costume in the Flash books years ago and made his pattern green with yellow stripes on it. At that time when I did sketches for him to show DC what we wanted to do I had given him facial hair; at that point it was a handle bar mustache. Geoff was like, “This looks great…lose the handlebar mustache.” So this time when he saw the goatee he was like, “All right, fine. You finally get to put it on him.”

He also mentions that he has his next project already lined up. It’s not one of the 52 relaunched books for Septemeber, so presumably we’ll see something from Kolins’ pen launching in the months to come.

There’s a lot more. Read the whole interview at That F’ing Monkey.