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Flash Fact: Long Beach Comic & Horror Con 2013

Mark Waid at LBCHC 2013I spent Saturday at Long Beach Comic and Horror Con, which despite its name is still, five years on, one of the most comics-focused “comic con” events I’ve been to. Among other things, I caught the Young Justice Voice Acting panel with a dozen cast members and Greg Weisman, a discussion panel between Marv Wolfman and Scott Lobdell and a spotlight on Mark Waid (see photo). Wolfman and Waid are always fascinating, and Lobdell turned out to be really interesting as well. Brian Buccellato was supposed to be there as well, but I never saw him. Artist’s Alley was huge, though, and I never quite managed to do the full systematic pass that I intended, so it’s entirely possible that all my trips through the area missed him.

Some interesting Flash-related bits:

Jason Spisak, when asked about getting into his character, remarked that Wally West’s lines in the script always look like he’s a “total douche,” but what he had to do was think: His friends keep him around. There’s got to be something endearing to him that they want to have around. He’d find that and make it come through in his acting.

Speaking of Young Justice, the game studio that did Young Justice: Legacy still has the license. If the game does well enough, they’d like to do a sequel…set during what would have been season three.

Young Justice Cast at LBCHC 2013
Mark Waid, when asked what story felt like he’d finally made it, said “The Return of Barry Allen.” That’s interesting, since the story was about Wally West reaching the point where he felt like he’d finally made it. He also said that his record at making good cliffhangers is due to the fact that he writes them before figuring out how the character’s going to get out (which makes for a few stressful days at the beginning of the next script). If he doesn’t know how, the audience isn’t going to guess!

Scott Lobdell compares the New 52 Kid Flash’s personality to Woody Woodpecker.

Check out my full write-up at K-Squared Ramblings or go straight to the photos.

The Future Looks Bleak – Review of Teen TItans Annual #2

teen titans annual 2 coverThanks to Johnny Quick of Earth 3’s Crime Syndicate, the Teen Titans have been lost in time.  The good news is that they are (mostly) together again…the bad news is where, or rather, when they are just now.  Bart fans will need to wait for the regular issue #25 to see more of Kid Flash, but there is a LOT here that impacts the team for some time to come…meaning TT fans need to check this out!


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Lost In the Time Stream! Review of Teen Titans #24

Teen Titans 24 coverThis is a really interesting issue for a lot of reasons.  For Bart fans…there is a revelation that will have us talking for a long time.  For fans of the Titans in general, we see events that will have ramifications for many issues to come.  Add to that a most amazing look at the nature of the time stream and you have a great issue of Teen Titans.


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Speed Reading: Rogues Rebellion, Arrow & More

Some recent Flash-related articles…

Brian Buccellato talks about Villains Month, Rogues Rebellion, Forever Evil, Zero Year, and more at CBR. In addition to co-writing the main Flash series, he’s solo writing the Grodd and Rogues one-shots and the Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion miniseries.

EW reports that Arrow is casting Barry Allen and will begin shooting the Flash’s first episode on September 30.

Scott Lobdell talks about Kid Flash’s origin at Newsarama.

Mark Waid, who has been accused by some comics retailers of trying to put them out of business with his digital comics efforts (particularly Thrillbent), has bought a comic store to prove that he’s not anti-print.

Ron Marz talks about hanging onto ideas for the right time, describing how a concept for an unused Hourman revamp in the early 1990s eventually inspired the story structure of the Velocity miniseries.

Plus a few links from early August that made it to Twitter and Facebook but somehow never made it onto the blog:

In a reprint column, Peter David rounds up a discussion on comic book villainy.

Lots of people talk to Newsarama about the Flash’s lasting appeal (including me!)

Brian Buccellato’s Top 8 Flash Rogues.

Kid Flash appears in the twelfth Who’s Who Podcast episode.

Titans Together Again…For Now…(review of Teen Titans #23)

TT Cov 23As we left the Titans last issue, Kid Flash was being pulled into a portal against his will.   Can Bart be saved or must he face a past that he doesn’t even recall?  And, now that the big battle against Trigon is out of the way for now, can the Titans heal the strained relationships in their own ranks?  That’s where we pick up in issue #23 of Teen Titans.


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Will Raven Choose the Titans…or Trigon? (Review of Teen Titans #20)

Teen Titans 20 coverAfter last issue’s events, New York’s Times Square is in shambles.  Two dozen people trying to secure the area after the battle died with just a simple thought (“drop dead”) from Psimon.  What more can go wrong?  And, will Raven choose to fight alongside the Teen Titans or side with her father Trigon?  That’s the starting point for issue #20 of Teen Titans, which does a good job of pushing forward the New 52 version of the battle between the Titans and perhaps their most infamous opponent.