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DC Universe Online Trailer

I caught this video on Sunday at the DC Comics booth. It’s an incredible battle between DC’s heroes and villains, really showing off some of their powers and skills (particularly Wonder Woman, Deathstroke, Superman and Lex Luthor). Spoilers for the DCUO storyline, so don’t play it if you want to be surprised.

The look, at least for the cut-scenes, is fantastic…though I’m not too big on the image of the Flash in armor.

Update: Devin has some pictures of the Flash in armor and further commentary.

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Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash

Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash, originally uploaded by Kelson.

I spotted this trio in the crowd on Saturday, but was too dazed to even try to ask for a photo (not that there would have been any room for them to pose). Luckily, I ran into them again in the lobby on Sunday.

I’m almost done uploading my Comic-Con photos to Flickr, though it’ll be a while before they’re all properly labeled.

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First Look at No Ordinary Family

ABC ran the entire pilot episode for No Ordinary Family today at Comic-Con, followed by a brief Q&A session with Greg Berlanti, John Harman Felman, and stars Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz. It looks promising.

It’s a little hard to pin down, genre-wise. It’s not a super-hero show, but it has super-powers (and lots of references that comic book readers will catch). It’s not really an action show, though there is some action involved. I’d say it’s primarily a family drama with comedic and action highlights.

On one hand, there is a bit of an Incredibles vibe to it: It’s about a family with super-powers, the father is trying to reclaim his glory days by going out and secretly fighting crime, etc. But it’s different enough not to feel like a retread. For one thing, the powers are new, and it’s set (like Heroes) in a real-world setting that hasn’t seen super-powers before.

The pilot is structured as an interview with flashbacks, first with Jim Powell speaking, then with Stephanie Powell taking over, then switching back and forth. The episode shows the characters and how they relate, then shows each of them discovering their powers, then delves into how those powers affect them. Edit: You do eventually find out who they’re talking to.

Sort of like Freshmen, they all gain powers related to their self-perceived shortcomings.

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