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This Week: Flash #6 (UPDATED with Preview)

This week sees the long-awaited release of The Flash #6.

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
1:10 Variant cover by ALE GARZA & SANDRA HOPE

BRIGHTEST DAY dashes on with the stunning conclusion of “The Dastardly Deaths of the Rogues!” With Barry caught between the Rogues and the Renegades, the resurrected Captain Boomerang’s role in the adventure is revealed! You won’t believe how this leads to the upcoming FLASHPOINT…

Update (Wednesday): DC has released a 5-page preview which you can read at the Source or at Newsarama.

Flash #11 Solicitation and Cover

Newsarama has a preview of DC’s February solicitations, including…

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
1:10 Variant cover by SCOTT KOLINS

The road to FLASHPOINT is paved with good intentions, but the Flash is about to learn the truth behind those good intentions — and the secret of Hot Pursuit!

On sale FEBRUARY 23 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Notes: This probably isn’t actually coming out on February 23, since DC just rescheduled Flash #10 for that date. But I’ve got to say, @SpeedsterSite is right: that’s a damn good cover by Francis Manapul!

I guess I’d better update my gallery of Dead Flash Covers.

Decompressing the Flash Schedule

With less than a week to The Flash #6, and four issues in a row scheduled only two weeks apart, DC has stretched the schedule a bit. Here’s where we’re at now:

Flash #6 on November 17 (two months after #5).
Flash #7 on December 8 (three weeks after #6).
Flash #8 on December 29 (three weeks after #7).
Flash #9 on January 26 (one month after #8).
Flash #10 on February 23 (one month after #9).

Could a normal monthly schedule be in the Flash’s future?

Flash #7 Variant Cover by Darwyn Cooke

DC’s blog, The Source, has revealed Darwyn Cooke’s variant cover for The Flash #7. It’s an homage to the classic first appearance of the Reverse-Flash in the 1963 Flash #139 (cover via GCD).

It’s a fantastic cover, both in its own right and as an homage…but I think it would be a better fit for the following issue, which actually focuses on Professor Zoom, rather than this one, which is a spotlight on Captain Boomerang.

(Thanks to Wayne Lippa for spotting this one!)

Update: Converted to RGB so those of you on Internet Explorer can actually see it, since it’s the only web browser in major use that can’t display CMYK-based JPEGs.

Flash #6 Arrives Next Week (and Quick Thoughts on Flash #5)

The Flash #6 is on Diamond’s shipping list for next week, so we’ll finally get to read the end of the first story arc of the series!

So far, there haven’t been any more changes in the schedule of issues #7-10.

On a related note, at this point I don’t think I’ll have time to write a full review of The Flash #5, so I’ll just say that I liked it, and appreciated the fact that everything I disliked about the previous issue turned out to be a lie. Follow-through on one plot point was a bit underwhelming, though.

Speed Reading

Some recent articles from Quick Time: Boomerangs Across the Multiverse, The Dark Flash Saga…and a brand-new reference site focusing on Jesse Quick and Hourman.

That Fing Monkey provides a Flash Field Guide to help you identify comics’ premiere speedsters, and tells the tale of a Flash jersey.

NPR’s Monkey See columnist discovers that the Flash and Flash Gordon are not the same person, and asks readers: what long-running misconceptions have you had?

Speaking of other things called Flash, I recently attended Adobe MAX, a tech/design conference put on by Adobe Systems. Oddly enough, it had a few things in common with Comic-Con, though it had an entirely different sort of Flash fans. (That said, I did see one guy at the device lab with a super-hero Flash T-shirt, and on the last day of the conference, I drew a tiny Flash logo on the community chalk board.)

IO9 reveals 10 insane facts comics taught us about American history. (The ISB analyzes the Future Lincoln assassination seen in The Flash.)

Captain Comics considers a 30th Century Justice League: who would Barry Allen team up with in the future?