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Francis Manapul Twitter Q&A

Wednesday, on discovering that his flight home from San Diego offered free Wifi, incoming Flash writer/current artist Francis Manapul decided to answer reader questions on Twitter. I’m sure I’ve missed some, but here you go.

I’ve reformatted these for easier reading. In many cases, the question and answer appeared in the same post, as a retweet with a comment (ex: “Answer. RT @asker question”), so they’re really terse. Continue reading

Opinion: Saying “Goodbye” to The Flash Story?

The new Flash Story begins in September.  This time around, there is no speculation about the focus of the book, or who will be behind the mask.  It looks like Flash’s new launch will take off without baggage – an all-new Flash for the all-new DC.

Well, sort of.

In the cases of Batman and Green Lantern, it has been announced that the stories and key elements will (more or less) continue.  In the cases of Superman and most other properties, the stories are looking more and more like a fresh and somewhat rootsy start.  For Flash, it appears the new series will be a pretty hard reset.

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Young Justice Series 1 Kid Flash Pictures *Image Intensive*

Greetings Speed Readers,

For those not in the know Young Justice is DC Comic’s latest animated series to hit Cartoon Network. The Kid Flash featured on this show has been stated and explicitly named as Wally West. This is obviously Wally before he graduates on to (possibly) becoming the Fastest Man Alive. The 4.25″ action figure of Kid Flash has been hitting stores all over the country and I finally got my hands on one via First some mint on card pics:

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Teen Titans #100 Variant Cover

Edit: Phil Jimenez’ variant cover for the double-sized finale.

They seem to be going for everyone who has ever been a Titan (who’s still alive). They even included Protector (who was a stand-in for Robin in a series of anti-drug PSAs from the 1980s when they discovered that the rights to using Robin were tied up.)

Speedsters I’ve spotted: Wally West (as both Kid Flash and the Flash), Bart Allen as Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Mas y Menos.

From Comic Book Resources.

San Diego Sighting: Steampunk Speedster

One of the booths I stumbled across at Comic-Con was selling trading cards and books featuring the Union of Superlative Heroes and Order of Nefarious Villains: steampunk characters inspired by certain well-known super-heroes and villains.

I had to pick up a set just for this one:

Phineas Fleetfoot, able to run at more than 800mph, phase into the fifth and sixth dimensions, and protect the world from the likes of King Congo, Frankenfahrenheit, Professor Perpetual Motion, Abra Le Clobber, and Dr. Didgeridoo.

The heroes set includes Marquis Le Bat and Duchesse Le Bat, Flatiron Knight, Arachno Kid, the Magic Lantern, Baron von Ocular, and more.

I was sorely tempted by the hand-bound flip book featuring both heroes and villains with additional stories, but couldn’t quite bring myself to spend $45 on it. Then I got home, really looked through the cards I’d bought, and regretted missing my chance.

Huzzah for the internet. When the artists got back from the con, they made the remaining stock available through Etsy.

Image c/o Chet Phillips Illustration.

This Week: Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #2

Lost in the speed force, Kid Flash is trapped in a distorted future world. After a startling revelation, Bart Allen realizes he must surrender himself to the criminal mastermind, Braniac. Only then will he be able to manipulate his way back to a point in time that he (at least somewhat) recognizes and seek out his grandfather. But what happens if Braniac catches on to Bart’s plan?

Set one thousand years after the Flashpoint, FLASHPOINT: KID FLASH LOST #2 is by Sterling Gates, Oliver Nome, Trevor Scott, and Brian Buccellato. Look for it when it hits stores on Wednesday.

A preview is available.

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