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Geoff Johns Flash Omnibus Vol.2 Coming in 2012

I missed it in the build-up to Comic-Con, but Collected Editions’s latest post on upcoming DC collections includes a sighting of The Flash Omnibus by Geoff Johns Vol. 2 with an April 2012 release date. The current placeholder cover is from Flash #200 (the end of Blitz), but the site speculates that it will likely cover “Rogues” and “Crossfire,” roughly The Flash v.2 #177-191. If the listed page count of 648 is accurate (and not also a placeholder), the hardcover could easily run through “Blitz.”

The first volume clocked in at 448 pages and included Flash v.2 #164-176 plus Iron Heights, the Flash tie-in for Our Worlds At War and Flash Secret Files #3.

I’ve been speculating that the series of massive hardcovers would take three or four volumes to cover Geoff Johns’ run on Wally West’s series, then one more for Flash: Rebirth, Blackest Night: The Flash, Flash Secret Files 2010 and Flash vol.3, which should all fit in a roughly 500-page volume.

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Promo reveals better look at new Flash logo, more interior art

DC has released a series of house ads featuring their premier New 52 books. And by “premier” I mean the books that never get canceled for very long: Detective Comics, Action Comics, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Flash and the Justice League. Newsarama has the gallery.

This gives us a clearer look at the new Flash logo, since our previous view was incorporated into the Flash #2 cover with artistic license and blur effects. (See also: The Flash Logo Through the Years.) Continue reading

The Zoom Room: Flash #186, “Three Times Three Equals — ?”

Welcome to our newest series of Flash annotations!  Following our breakdown of the “Death of Iris Allen” story from 1979 and 1980, we’ll be looking at some classic, perhaps lesser-known stories featuring Professor Zoom!  This week features a great issue by a writer not normally linked with the Silver Age Flash title, with a complex plot and ties to the Golden Age. Links to research and artwork are included throughout this post.  For a list of issues we’ve hit so far, click here!

EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THAWNE:  Prior to Flash #186, Zoom’s previous appearance was in Flash #175.  In that story, he masqueraded as one of the alien gamblers in the second Superman/Flash race.

Continue reading