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“True Colors” Review of S4 Ep13 of THE FLASH

When we last left Barry, he was trapped in the metahuman wing of Iron Heights, ready to be sold into superhero slavery by Amunet and a crooked Warden Wolfe. Can Barry avoid that fate? Can he lead a metahuman escape from Iron Heights? And, how does DeVoe’s plans fit in with all of this? There are some pretty significant character developments and plot points in this episode – want to learn more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Black Hole Rising” Review of THE FLASH #35

Meena is alive…and that’s the good news.  The bad news is that Meena now controls the Negative Speed Force…and that is just the start of the bad news! How did she survive? Why is she back? And, what is she planning next? We get some of the answers here, in the latest issue of THE FLASH! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Therefore I Am” Review of S4 Ep7 of THE FLASH

We’ve been building up to this all season. Clifford DeVoe has been operating in the background, manipulating events, pulling all the strings. As we saw in the cliffhanger last week, Barry finally meets Clifford DeVoe, aka The Thinker…so what can the Fastest Man Alive do against the speed of thought? We begin to see that answer in tonight’s episode of THE FLASH! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Mixed Signals” – Review of THE FLASH S4 Ep2

After Season 3’s darker tone, we come back to a lighter, happier, even giddy Barry Allen. It’s as if he left all that pain and turmoil in the Speed Force…and now he has a literal new lease on life. Maybe he’s a little too happy here…a little too exuberant, and that’s where some of the conflict of this episode originates. Barry and Iris go to…wait, we’ll talk about that later.  Cisco goes on a date with…we’ll catch up with that later as well.  We get all that and Kilg%re too! Want to know more? Follow us after the jump!


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“Flash War” Sounds Like a Terrible Idea

At NYCC, DC announced “Flash War” will spin out of “Metal” next year. DC and Joshua Williamson are promising that it will settle once and for all “who’s the best Flash.” It starts in January 2018’s Flash Annual #1 and runs through Flash #46.

I really want this to be a joke, because it’s the last thing the fandom needs. We’ve been through it before, and it basically broke the fandom.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, Flash fans mostly got along. Whether your favorite was Barry Allen, Wally West, or Jay Garrick, or you liked Bart Allen as Impulse. It wasn’t perfect, and Barry’s fans missed him terribly, but at least DC treated the character with respect, and fan disagreements never reached the level of, say, Green Lantern fandom, which had been fractured by Emerald Twilight.

Then Infinite Crisis happened in 2006. Wally vanished mysteriously, and Bart was aged up to an adult to take over as Flash.

Wally’s fans hated that he was gone. Bart’s fans hated that he was being handled wrong. Barry’s fans hated that he wasn’t back. Fans on a very creator-friendly message board hounded the writers of the book until they went offline, back when that sort of thing was unusual.

For the next few years, DC kept changing direction, satisfying nobody in the fan base. They killed Bart, teased Barry’s return again but brought back Wally instead, gave Wally superpowered kids to share the book with…

Then Flash: Rebirth hit in 2009. Of course, Rebirth wasn’t just about bringing Barry back (along with Bart, Max, and Jesse Quick)… it was about insisting that Barry was the best. (They literally made every speedster in the DCU except for Thawne dependent on Barry.) And the places we were told we’d see Wally and Bart starring were scrapped, cancelled and revamped. Flashpoint, the first (and still only) big Flash-centric event, killed Wally off unpowered in a sidestory, and he vanished completely in the New 52. Post-Flashpoint Bart was unrecognizable. Jay was MIA for a year.

Now, a decade after Infinite Crisis and half a decade after Flashpoint, we’re finally at the point where Barry, Wally and Jay all have at least some presence and respect, though Bart’s missing again. Barry, Wally, Jay and Jesse are all heroes on TV. Barry’s appearing in movies, and Bart will be in the upcoming Young Justice revival. Barry and two versions of Wally all appear regularly in comics. Jay’s been hinted at, and unlike the carrots dangled re: Barry & Wally in the past, we have reason to believe they’ll follow through with Jay.

So why the hell would we want a “Flash War” to settle “Who’s the best Flash” and dredge all that up again?

Your favorite Flash, my favorite Flash, those are matters of taste. “Who’s the best” shouldn’t be legislated and made canon.

Adapted from this Tweetstorm.

The “Key” to the Future? Review of TITANS ANNUAL #1

Through the years, the Titans have had team ups with their mentors in the Justice League…and usually the meeting involves a lot of condescension and doubt from the League. Still, this is a much more mature Titans team, so they should get all the…well, at least ONE member of the League gives some proper respect from the beginning, in a story that was entertaining for now and that may have clues to future stories for the whole DCU. Want to know more? Follow us ater the jump!


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