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Titans at Dragon*Con

Teen Titans, originally uploaded by Dharma Initiate.

While looking for photos of Flash costumes at more recent conventions, I stumbled on this incredible meet-up from last year’s Dragon*Con, with Teen Titans cosplayers covering every era of the team from Kid Flash to Raven to Jericho, Superboy, and Static.

Be sure to check out the rest of Dharma Initiate’s Dragon*Con 2009 set, including pictures of two Kid Flashes goofing off, Titans battling Deathstroke, and group shots with at least two Superboys and three different Wonder Girls.

Cosplay Photos: Flashes & Rogues at Dragon*Con

Just from what I’ve seen on Flickr, there were a ton of Flash-related costumes at Dragon*Con this year.

Golden Age Flash Flash by leefly Zoom The Flash - Dragoncon 2009 Dragon Con 2009 Dragon Con 2009 The Flash & Heat Wave - Dragon*Con 2009 Flash Rogues Flash Rogues - Death of Bart Allen Flash Rogues - Impulse's Revenge Smallville Impulse Smallville Justice Flash and Black Canary Justice League P9060011 Grail Knight and Flash

Looking through these photos, be sure to notice:

  • The Flash’s secret revealed: Red Bull!
  • The Grail Knight (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) asks the Flash to choose wisely.
  • Smallville-style Impulse
  • The entire frakking Rogues’ Gallery!

The Rogues’ Gallery group not only did an incredible job on their costumes, but got together for an extended photo shoot…and hung out at a bar afterward, in full costume. You can read all about it, with dozens of photos, in xanykaos’ (Trickster II) post on flash_rogues, A Meeting of Rogues. (Thanks to Lia for the link!)

Convention Plans for 2009

I’ll probably be attending two or three conventions in 2009:

wondercon-sf-thumbnail2WonderCon (February 27–March 1, 2009; San Francisco, California). Definitely. My wife and I went last year and enjoyed it, and combined it with a trip to visit friends and family in the Bay Area. What with the money crunch we were going to skip it this year, but we were planning to make another trip up to visit people…and discovered that the perfect time to do so would be the week leading up to WonderCon. If we’re going to be in the area anyway, membership is pretty cheap at $12/person for a one-day pass. (See also: 2008 WonderCon report.)

Wizard World Los Angeles (March 13–15, 2009; Los Angeles, California). Maybe. It’s within driving distance, so travel expenses aren’t an issue. That said, it’s only two weeks after WonderCon, so whether I go will be based entirely on the guests & panels. (See also: 2008 WWLA report.)

Comic-Con International (July 23–26, 2009; San Diego, California). Definitely. I’ve been going to what was then called the San Diego Comic-Con since 1990. We pre-registered at the last convention, and I’ve lined up a back-up hotel in case I can’t get a closer one when the convention blocks open up. (See also: convention reports.)

Some other conventions I’ve looked at, but probably won’t be attending:

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