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ComiXology’s Multiversity Sale Includes Digital Flash of Two Worlds

ComiXology is running a Multiversity Sale, putting backissues from DC Comics dealing with multiple (or just alternate) realities on discount for 99c each. In addition to the entire run of 52, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis, there’s a selection of alternate reality comics — Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, which inspired DC to launch the Elseworlds label, Superman: Red Son, Kingdom Come — and a smattering of one-off stories like the first meeting between the Justice League and Justice Society, and two classic Silver Age Flash issues: Flash #123, featuring the first meeting of Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, and Flash #125, “Conquerors of Time,” in which Barry Allen and Wally West battle a threat to Earth’s past, present and future. It’s notable as the first appearance of the Cosmic Treadmill.

“Conquerors of Time” has been available digitally for several years, but “Flash of Two Worlds” has just been added to the catalog today.

Flash #123: Flash of Two Worlds

Scribblenauts/Flash of Two Worlds Cover for Earth 2 #19

DC Comics has released a preview of Earth 2 #19, including the Scribblenauts variant cover…one which should look very familiar to Flash fans:

Earth 2 #19 Scribblenauts Variant: Flash of Two Worlds

It’s an homage to the classic Flash #123 cover, featuring Barry Allen and Jay Garrick…but this time it’s their New 52 versions as seen through the Scribblenauts style.

This Week: Digital Smallville & Flash of Two Cities

The next digital chapter of Smallville Season 11: “Haunted” guest-starring Impulse arrives on ComiXology on Friday.

Today, two more issues of the 1987-2009 Flash series starring Wally West are available digitally.

Flash #122-123: Keystone City decides that it can no longer handle the cost of property damage from the Flash’s battles, and want him to leave town. The seaside town of Santa Marta, California, however, would love to have their own super-hero. And who better than the Flash to be a super-commuter?

Flash #123: Flash of Two Cities

The cover and title are, of course, an homage to the classic “Flash of Two Worlds” in the first Flash #123.

One thing that surprised me here is that, up until now, DC and ComiXology have been re-releasing the series in sequence. After an initial release of a dozen or two issues by theme, they started with #1 and have been working their way forward, filling in and around those issues that have already been released. Last time, they jumped straight from #115 to #120, skipping the last three issues of “Race Against Time” and the “Final Night” tie-in issue. I wondered if they might be jumping back to fill in the gap this week, but that isn’t the case, at least not yet.

I asked ComiXology about it, and they said that DC simply hadn’t sent them those issues yet. I haven’t heard back from DC.

Art: Flash of New 52 Worlds and Wally & Donna vs. the New 52

Two entries in this week’s The Line It Is Drawn feature at Comics Should Be Good. This week’s theme was cover homages.

First up, Flash of Two Worlds featuring the Earth-1 and New 52 versions of Barry Allen, suggested by Ecovore and drawn by Xum Yukinori.

Flash of Two Worlds featuring Earth-1 and New 52 Barry Allen by Xum Yukinori. Help me! Which Flash is best?

So which Flash is better, Barry Allen or Barry Allen?

And then there’s X-Men: Days of Future Past featuring a younger Wally West (Kid Flash) and Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) trapped in the alternate world of the New 52. Suggested by starpilotsix and drawn by John Trumbull.

Wally West and Donna Troy vs. the New 52 by John Trumbull (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

I so wish this one was real so I could read it.

Check out the rest of the entries at Comics Should Be Good!

The Greatest Flash/Barry Allen Stories Ever Told

The results are in! Comics Should Be Good has posted the top ten greatest Barry Allen stories ever told, as chosen by the blog’s readers.

The breakdown is interesting:

  • 6 Silver-Age stories
  • 2 Bronze-Age stories (one of which is the Death of Iris Allen storyline which Greg has heavily annotated here)
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #8
  • 1 Secret Origins tale

Both the Flash’s origin tale and his death make the list…and the Secret Origins story retells both (and links them together)!

The writer breakdown is also interesting, especially when compared with the more focused results of the Wally West poll last year:

  • 3 John Broome
  • 2 Gardner Fox
  • 2 Cary Bates
  • 1 Robert Kanigher
  • 1 Marv Wolfman
  • 1 Robert Loren Fleming

Also neat: “Flash of Two Worlds” made both this list and the greatest Gardner Fox stories list a few weeks ago!

Cheetor of Two Worlds

Cheetor of Two Worlds, originally uploaded by Gizmo_Tracer.

I found this photo while searching for more “Flash of Two Worlds” homages. There’s a whole series of comic book cover homages using Transformers toys.

Gizmo_Tracer describes the composition like this:

Cheetor as The Flash just seems obvious, and the ‘Flash of Two Worlds’ cover has always struck me as a real classic, thus, here we are.