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Comic-Con Hotels

San Diego Convention Center and Hilton.Hotel reservations go on sale in just half an hour for Comic-Con International, and fans across the world are gearing up for a grueling session of reloads and busy signals. I’m sitting it out this year — which actually feels kind of weird, since I’ve dealt with it every year since 2006 (and possibly 2005, but I think that may have been the last year it went smoothly) — but with the baby, we figured it would be better to make it a one-day trip this year.

To those of you planning to wade into the fray, I wish you the best of luck. And if you don’t manage to score a room through the convention block, I hope these tips for staying in San Diego that I wrote last year will help you find an alternative.

Flash Costumes at Comic-Con Int’l 2010

It’s been three weeks since Comic-Con International, but costume photos are always in season. Here are some of the people who came to the con dressed as the Flash. I’ve posted a few of these before, but not all of them. Some of the photos are mine, but most of them are from other photographers on Flickr. In each case, clicking on the photo will open the original page with larger images.

Authentic Custom Costumes

These are the costumes that were clearly home– or professionally-made, but that stuck to the standard designs.

Comic Con 2010 - The Flash Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash

First up is Mike Rollerson’s photo of a really impressive female Flash. I’ve seen her in a number of other costumes at various conventions, including Catwoman and Psylocke. Keep reading – there’s another picture of her later on.

The Superman/Wonder Woman/Flash trio on the right made a huge impression, judging by the number of photographers who snapped pictures of them at the con. The Flash is a very exact copy of the costume from the game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, down to the boots and the armbands, though he’s thrown back the hood and put on sunglasses instead. I’ve seen at least one picture of the group where he’s tossed on a red sweatshirt over the costume that looks like Bart’s from Smallville.

Justice League

This group includes a more traditional Flash. As with many large groups, I’m not sure how many knew each other and how many were just invited to join in for having a costume with the same theme.

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San Diego Plans: Watch for Liveblogging

I’m not at preview night, but I will be in San Diego over the next few days for Comic-Con International. Mostly I plan on having fun, but I do plan to cover some of the DC panels live.

SDCC Crowd Outside

Since my old Twitter-to-liveblogging solution doesn’t seem to be working anymore (I don’t know whether it’s changes in WordPress or changes in Twitter), I’ve gone looking for alternatives and settled on Cover It Live. Among other things, it not only handles live updating from my end, it will also automatically update your view, so you don’t have to sit there hitting reload. They officially support the iPhone, and it seems to work on Android as well, though I have no idea how well other mobile devices will handle it.

The panels I’m planning to cover live are:

I’ll try to catch at least one more of the other DC Nation/Editorial panels, but I don’t know whether I’ll try to cover them as they happen.

And there’s still the possibility that I won’t be able to get into the panel. Or I’ll get in, but the wifi (if there is any) and cell reception won’t work. We’ll see…

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Speed Reading: Two Worlds, Comic-Con, Gulf Auction and More

Some Monday morning linkblogging…


Comics Should Be Good’s Year of Cool Comics spotlights “Flash of Two Worlds” — or more precisely, the Grant Morrison/Mike Parobeck retelling of the story from Secret Origins #50. The story was recently reprinted in Flash: The Human Race.

Speaking of CSBG, Brian Cronin reviews Flash #1-3 and settles on “delightful.”


Will Comic-Con International leave San Diego? Publisher’s Weekly has a good round-up of the situation.

Now that the full schedule for this year’s convention is online, I’ve updated my Flash at Comic-Con post. I’ve also added a couple of items to my Tips for Comic Con.

…and Beyond!

A group of webcomics artists have put together a Web-Comics Auction for the Gulf Coast benefitting the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund. (via The Nerdy Bird.)

With ComiXology making waves, Comics Worth Reading checks on the status of other digital comics platforms like Graphic.ly and Longbox.

In light of Death’s upcoming appearance in Action Comics, Comics Alliance rounds up the long history of Sandman and the DC Universe.

Update: Let me add two more here: Collected Editions has worked out the Blackest Night reading order for the trades/hardcovers, and Once Upon a Geek has also taken a stab at Death in the DCU.

Flash in San Diego: 2010 Comic-Con Schedule (Updated 7x!)

Comic-Con International has posted the Thursday schedule for the convention, and DC Comics has posted their own panel schedule. Events that will likely be of interest to Flash fans include…

Updated with more Friday programs.

Updated with more Saturday programs.

Updated with Sunday and Artists’ Alley

Updated with Francis Manapul’s signing schedule.

Updated with Velocity-related info.

Updated with Mark Waid’s signing schedule.

Updated with Top Cow’s Velocity-related signing schedule.

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Speed Reading

Some weekend linkblogging…

Once Upon a Geek can’t wait for the upcoming DC Adventures RPG.

Multiversity Comics casts the Teen Titans

The Beat finds that Comic-Con brings money into San Diego after all. Who knew? Oh, right, we did: the ones spending it!

4thletter! looks at Flash and Batman in Final Crisis: “Everything about the Flash, any of them, in Final Crisis is dead on…”