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Toronto Comicon (Fan Appreciation 2011) Photos

On April 9, I attended the first day of the free “Fan Appreciation” show in Toronto. This is the first year it’s been held for the entire weekend, but unfortunately real life got in the way and the spouse and I were only able to go for one day.

It was a pretty good show, with some great guests (including Flash artists Francis Manapul and Ethan Van Sciver) and quite a few vendors selling comics and action figures. I managed to get a couple of Professor Zoom figures and a Flash figurine, and commissioned Red Robin artist Marcus To for a drawing of Captain Boomerang.

Captain Boomerang, by Marcus To

The woman waiting in line behind me for Marcus To got this Impulse sketch from him, which she let me photograph.

Impulse sketch

Here’s Francis Manapul working on a Wonder Woman picture for a fan. I also saw him drawing several Flash pieces, and he drew the Flash on a t-shirt which was later given away in a contest. I didn’t take any photos of the shirt, but the gentleman who won it did!

 Wonder Woman in progress, by Francis Manapul

Alas, we ran out of money quickly (part of that real-life thing I mentioned earlier), and eventually left the show early. After leaving the convention, we went for lunch and wandered around some of the nearby streets before heading back to the car. And stumbled across this: the dressing rooms, washrooms, and hair/makeup trailers for the television show Flashpoint! The series is filmed in Toronto, of course. It was fun to see it given the name of DC’s imminent crossover.

The makeup trailer for Flashpoint

Spike's dressing room trailer

And then we walked by Piper Street, so I had to take photos of that too.

Piper St in Toronto 

Piper's Gastropub

All in all, it was a pretty good day for a Flash fan!

More Flashpoint Creative Teams Announced (Updated!)

DC is announcing the remaining Flashpoint creative teams today at The Source. They describe it as the eight remaining miniseries and four one-shots, so it sounds like they expanded the line from 15 to 16 miniseries, and the two new series announced last week don’t replace anything previously announced.

Just like last week, I’ll put the Flash-related titles at the top, and update this post throughout the day. Click on the covers to jump to the original posts at the Source.

Flash-Related Titles

Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost Starring Bart Allen

Covers: Francis Manapul
Writer: Sterling Gates
Art: Oliver Nome

“Where is he? Or should we say when?”

Perfect: We’re finally getting a Kid Flash/Bart Allen story by Sterling Gates! I kind of hope the full title is just “Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost,” though, because the “starring…” part gets kind of unwieldy. (Not that it comes close to “Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Yet Another Subtitle.”)

Flashpoint: Grodd of War (one-shot)

Cover: Francis Manapul
Writer: Sean Ryan
Art: Ig Guara

“Africa belongs to him!”

Flashpoint: Reverse Flash (one-shot)

Cover: Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes
Writer: Scott Kolins
Art: Joel Gomez

“He’s more powerful than ever!”

Kolins really has cemented himself as the go-to guy for Flash villains, hasn’t he?

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New Flashpoint Creative Teams & Covers Announced (UPDATED)

DC is announcing the creative teams and first covers for eight of the fifteen Flashpoint miniseries today. Each announcement comes along with yet another teaser.

DC seems to be announcing them alphabetically, but I’m moving the Flash-related ones up to the top because, well, this is a Flash site! So far we’ve got Citizen Cold, Batman: Knight of Vengeance, Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager, Deadman and the Flying Graysons, Hal Jordan (a new one), World of Flashpoint, Emperor Aquaman, and finally…Legion of Doom.

Click on the covers to read the original announcements.

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold

Covers: Scott Kolins
Writer: Scott Kolins
Art: Scott Kolins

“He loves someone he shouldn’t.”

I was fully expecting Scott Kolins as the artist on this book — his style is perfect for the modern take on the Rogues. But I wasn’t expecting a one-man show. I really figured Geoff Johns would want to write the Captain Cold mini himself.

Going by the weapons and gloves, those hands look like the Weather Wizard, Tar Pit, Fallout, the Trickster and the Mirror Master…opposed to Captain Citizen Cold. Update: I have some more commentary on this one.

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom

Covers: Miguel Sepulveda
Writer: Adam Glass
Art: Rodeny Buchemi & Jose Marzan

“Whatever Happened to the World’s Greatest Super Villains?”

You know, I thought it was odd that Heat Wave wasn’t on that Citizen Cold cover…

Also, this makes one more book that I’m going to have to check out. Not because of Super Friends nostalgia, but because of Heat Wave.

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Flashpoint Action Figures

And the Flashpoint news keeps coming! In addition to the character teaser and the cover, DC announced a line of Flashpoint action figures.

Today, we’re unveiling FLASHPOINT action figures based on DC Comics’ superhero publishing event of the summer. DC Direct’s Jim Fletcher, Shawn Knapp, Evan Metcalf, John Santagada, Brian Walters and Bryon Webster have worked closely with FLASHPOINT writer Geoff Johns’ concepts and artist Andy Kubert’s designs to bring you four awesome figures based on characters central to the FLASHPOINT story.

Sculptors Derek Miller (Wonder Woman), Karen Palinko (Batman and Flash) and Jonathan Matthews (Cyborg) have captured the energy and excitement that drives FLASHPOINT.

Head over to The Source or…

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Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash

Superman, Wonder Woman and the Flash, originally uploaded by Kelson.

I spotted this trio in the crowd on Saturday, but was too dazed to even try to ask for a photo (not that there would have been any room for them to pose). Luckily, I ran into them again in the lobby on Sunday.

I’m almost done uploading my Comic-Con photos to Flickr, though it’ll be a while before they’re all properly labeled.

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