November 19, 2011

Make This T-Shirt Real: Faster Than Email

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Threadless has a Flash-inspired shirt design up for voting. Score this design: “Faster than E-mail,” to help it get printed on Threadless!

I particularly like the use of the earpiece as the flag.

(Via the Fastest Fan Alive)

November 18, 2011

T-Shirt: Flash Drive (Today Only)

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It’s been a while since we wrote about TeeFury, but they’ve got another Flash-themed shirt available for one day only.

The design by Wenceslao A Romero is only available until midnight EST, so if you want one, buy it today.

On a related note, while Mimobot has the current license for actual DC Comics-inspired flash drives, they’ve been sticking with the Batman and Green Lantern characters for now. You’d think someone over there would see the inherent appeal of a Flash flash drive.

August 30, 2010

T-Shirt: Camera with Flash! (no longer available)

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Today’s TeeFury T-shirt is a picture of a camera fully equipped with a flash — or rather, the Flash.

Like Woot (source of the Flash vs. Apple shirt), TeaFury sells one design each day, but unlike Woot, they don’t offer second chances. The design by artist Joao Lauro Fonte will only be available until midnight EDT (sorry I didn’t spot it earlier), so if you want one, run over and buy it fast. They’ll be gone…in a flash. Update: They’re all gone now.

(via Gfest)

July 26, 2010

Blue Lantern Flash T-Shirt

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Something else I spotted at the convention:

I don’t know how long Graphitti has been selling these, but this was the first I’d seen them!

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June 1, 2010

T-Shirt: Apple vs. the Flash

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Today’s Shirt Woot features yet another visual pun linking Apple’s war on the Flash animation format to the super-hero.

The T-shirts, designed by Lim Heng Swee, are already sold out at the $10 debut price, but they’ll be back tomorrow at $15.

As always, the write-up is worth checking out for gems like this:

Listen, Adobe. I come to you under a white flag to try and warn you: a little collateral damage like a dead JLA member isn’t going to stop this guy. He’s put out an iFatwa on all things Flash, and he doesn’t let a failed launch set him back.

(Tip of the hat to @ElfGrove for the news, and @ryanoneil for pointing out that they’ll be back tomorrow!)

April 25, 2010

Speed Reading

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Two weeks’ worth of linkblogging, so you’ll probably have seen a lot of these by now…


Multiversity Comics presents A Crisis of Chronology: The Flash, as well as thoughts on early solicitations in a digital age.

Silver Age Gold presents: I Hate the Flash’s Girlfriend, all about Iris West! Silver Age Comics responds: Ending with Iris.


slaterman23 has a Flickr set featuring vintage-style DC Comics posters (via The Nerdy Bird).

Paxton Holley has found a comic in which Superman Becomes the Flash (Action Comics #314, 1964)

Chris Samnee sketches Flash vs. Captain Cold at C2E2.

Mr. Maczaps presents Death in the form of the Black Flash.

Bobby Timony draws Jay Garrick (also at C2E2).

By now you’ve probably all seen this visual pun on Flash and the iPad using Alex Ross’ art.

The Top Cow Panel at C2E2 has some incredible samples of Kenneth Rocafort’s art from the upcoming Velocity miniseries.

Karl Kerschl’s webcomic, The Abominable Charles Christopher, is coming to print.

The webcomic Comic Critics tackles Greg Rucka leaving DC.


Comic Book Resources has put together a Comics Twitter Directory

Cinema Spy considers how the new status quo seen in Flash #1 might influence the Flash movie.