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Covers: It Can’t Be…YOU?!

As it turns out, the Flash was right. The man removing his mask in the prologue to “Chain Lightning” wasn’t who Wally thought he was at first. But Cobalt Blue certainly looked like the classic Scarlet Speedster! (Flash v.2 #144, 1999).

Interestingly enough, the series returned to the cover concept less than a year later during the Dark Flash saga, reversing the lighting, the angle…and who was doing unmasking. (Flash v.2 #154, 1999) Continue reading

Annotations: Trial of the Flash – Issue #271

Welcome to the second entry in our breakdown of Flash stories from the late 1970s and early 1980s, leading up to the July 20th release of “The Trial of the Flash”!

UP TO SPEED:  Last week we looked at Flash #270 and the introduction of the mysterious Clown, who seemed to have gotten the best of Barry Allen.  We also witnessed the birth of Dr. Nephron’s prisoner rehabilitation program, a female fan out to “ensnare” our hero, a jilted Iris Allen, and a heroin smuggling operation based in Barry’s crime lab! 

This week, we’ll review the events of issue 271. 

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C2E2 Comic Con Exclusives White Lantern Flash and JLU Heatwave (Image Intensive)

So last weekend Chicago’s biggest comic book convention, C2E2 was held. Which just so happens to be the the first leg on the Collector Appreciation Tour 2011. This is the first place they would be selling the Heatwave, Flash and Mirror Master set, amongst other JLU goodies. Now normally I would be sitting back looking at the trickle of toy news online and thinking about how much the figures are going to cost me on evilBay the next day. This time however I had an ace in the hole; a reader of Speed Force who frequently posts comments under the name Fastest, Mark Maslauskas. Mark was going to the convention and was kind enough to offer to pick up a set for me. Can you believe it? Absolutely awesome.

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On the Value of Relaunches

More importantly, the more DC has to promote the next Flash #1, the less it has [available] to devote to (let’s just say) hyping a new Icon series. If DC would put some of its series on hiatus, as opposed to cancelling one volume so a new one can begin a few months later, it would acknowledge the reality of cancellation-proof series and let more attention linger on the stragglers. Who knows — given time, maybe some of them could become cancellation-proof too.

— Robot 6’s Tom Bondurant in his Grumpy Old Fan column.

As he points out, The Flash is one of DC’s “foundational” series, which have been in almost continuous publication since the Silver Age. We all know it’s coming back.

Speed Reading

I spent the weekend moving to a new city, so posting’s a bit light. Here’s the round-up of last week’s linkblogging.

First, the Flashy links:

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