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Speed Reading: Flashy Links & Art

Some weekend linkblogging.

First the Flashy stuff…

  • Mark Waid reveals the Secret First Appearance of the Flash at Blastoff Comics
  • Moment of the Day – Flash vs. Black Racer at The Weekly Crisis
  • Flash drive pun fail at Failbook
  • 5 inch Flash at That F’ing Monkey
  • Adobe has announced that they’re shutting down mobile Flash for Android 4.1. Some of the articles in the tech press have taken a punny approach, like VentureBeat and Techcitement. I actually would have gone with the second issue of “Emergency Stop,” but I think Techcitement’s choice of “You’ll never run again” is better, because of the double meaning of “run” when it comes to software.

Some art…

Top 4 Favorite Flash Memories – Contest Results!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Favorite Flash Memory contest celebrating four years of Speed Force! 45 of you shared your stories of the Flash and Flash fandom, and 142 of you voted for the top four.

And now, the results are in!*

#1 with 36 votes: Wally East

My favorite memory of The Flash is him helping me through the end of a particularly bad training run. The run was just one of those sucky runs happens now and then. Toward the end, I started remembering how in a story I had just read (I can’t remember what story at the moment) had pushed harder and harder even though he wanted to stop. He didn’t let the pain stop him. He hit the wall and kept running hard. I thought about how Wally is just a regular guy with superspeed. If he could hang in, so could I since I’m a regular guy, too, just with regular-guy speed 🙂

Wally East wins our grand prize: a 1st Appearance Jay Garrick action figure, a Flash: Rebirth #4 variant cover signed by Geoff Johns, and a Flash: Rebirth poster! Congratulations, Wally!

Jay Garrick 1st Appearance action figure, Flash Rebirth #4 variant signed by Geoff Johns, Flash: Rebirth poster

Read on for the rest of the winners! Continue reading

DC Signature Collection Mirror Master

Action Figure Insider and The Fwoosh have posted extensive photos and reviews of the upcoming Signature Collection Mirror Master figure, and it looks great. He’s actually been slightly retooled and improved due to fan input since the figure debuted at Toy Fair in February, which makes a good figure even better.

The figure is in the same line as the Jay Garrick figure which became available last month and seems to be well-received, so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Mirror Master is due out in mid-August. You’ll automatically receive it if you have a subscription to Club Infinite Earths, but everyone else will have to order it from Mattel’s site.

Flash Secret Files and Origins

A group of character-focused comics blogs have gotten together for a crossover event featuring DC Comics’ Secret Files and Origins books:

Today’s event was organized by Diabolu Frank and Anj. We here at Speed Force missed this one (unless you count posting this cover at the last minute), but we’ve participated in a number of past crossovers with the same group, including the original Crisis on Earth-Blog highlighting the George Perez/Alex Ross cover for the collected Crisis on Infinite Earths, celebrating the Super-Powers 25th Anniversary, posing a piece of the DC Challenge, plugging lesser-known comics with Read This Too!, Mayfairstivus’ look back at the DC Heroes RPG, and most recently Animated Anthem Day.

This Week: Flash #10 (with Preview), Digital Flashback #31-33

Out this week:
Flash #10

  • The Flash may survive…but will BARRY ALLEN?

Written by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
Cover by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
Art by Marcus To and Ray McCarthy
Preview at Complex.

Marcus To and Ray McCarthy are handling interior art for issues #10-11 to give Manapul & Buccellato a bit of a breather before they take over again with #12.

Digital back-issues on ComiXology:

Flash (1987-2009) #31-33
Written by William Messner-Loebs
Art by Greg LaRocque and Larry Mahlstedt

Some real transitional issues. Flash #31, “Comfort of a Stranger,” re-introduces the Pied Piper as a member of the supporting cast and introduces Linda Park. (She appeared briefly in #28 in her role as a TV news reporter.) In Flash #32, Wally West leaves New York for Keystone City and finds super-villains already waiting for him. Flash #33 guest-stars the Joker…or does it?

» Flash v.2 on ComiXology