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Flash Collections for Fall 2013

Flash #13: Gorilla WarfareDC Comics has released their Fall 2013 collections list, including the following titles:

The Flash Vol. 3: Gorilla Warfare HC
Writers: Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
Artists: Francis Manapul, Marcus To, Ryan Winn and Marcio Takara
Collects: The Flash #13-19
$24.99 US, 176 pg
December 2013

Amazon already has the book available for pre-order.

The Flash Vol. 2: Rogues Revolution TP
Writers: Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
Artists: Francis Manapul, Marcus To, Scott Kolins, Diogenes Neves, Oclair Albert, Marcio Takara, Wes Craig and Ray McCarthy
Collects: The Flash #9-12 and The Flash Annual #1
$16.99 US, 176 pg
December 2013

This is a surprise because it’s a very quick turnaround from the hardcover, which is coming in August!

Smallville Season 11 Vol. 3: Haunted TP
Writer: Bryan Q. Miller
Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Collects: Smallville Season 11 #9-12
$14.99 US, 144 pg
October 2013

Also on Amazon. This is the story that guest-starred Impulse, which will finish up its final chapter in digital format this Friday and in print format next month.

Flash March Madness – Elite 8 Round!

The Sweet Sixteen round is over at Flash March Madness, and the results from Sweet Sixteen Day 2 are in!

Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness) d. Dr. Alchemy in a close race
Inertia d. The Thorn in the most one-sided vote of the day
Pied Piper d. The Top
Mirror Master (Sam Scudder) d. Gorilla Grodd by two votes

The Elite Eight begins now! The match ups for Day 1 of the Elite Eight are:

Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) v. Mirror Master (Sam Scudder)
Captain Cold v. Pied Piper

As always, membership at The Fastest Forum Alive is free – but you can also vote by logging in with your Facebook, Twitter, Yahooo, or Windows Live account.  Be sure to vote at Flash March Madness!

Vote Now! Flash vs. Batman in Injustice Battle Arena Semi-Finals

Injustice Battle Arena: Flash vs. Batman

As we reported last week, the Flash defeated the Joker to move onto the semifinals in the Injustice Battle Arena. Voting is now open, and the Flash is up against a formidable foe: none other than Batman himself!

Can the scarlet speedster move fast enough to defeat the caped crusader? Or has the tournament given the Dark Knight enough prep time to defeat him? You decide!

Flash March Madness – Sweet Sixteen Enters Day 2!

As Flash March Madness hits the Sweet Sixteen Round, we have some surprising results, both in margin of victory and in the Rogues who won!  Here are the results from Monday’s voting:

Captain Cold d. Trickster (Axel Walker)
Golden Glider d. Zoom (Hunter Zolomon) in a close surprise win
Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) d. Weather Wizard in another close race
Mirror Master (Evan McCulloch) d. Capt. Boomerang (Owen Mercer) in yet another close vote

Today’s votes will complete the Sweet Sixteen round:

Pied Piper v. The Top
Gorilla Grodd v. Mirror Master (Sam Scudder)
Inertia v. The Thorn
Dr. Alchemy v. Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness)

Tomorrow starts the Elite Eight Round – watch for it!

As always, membership at The Fastest Forum Alive is free – but you can also vote by logging in with your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Windows Live account.  The votes are becoming closer by the day, and YOUR votes determine Rogue supremacy!  Be sure to vote today in Flash March Madness!


Barry Sounds A Little Like…Someone Else (Review of Justice League #18)

justice league 18Justice League #18 begins a story arc centering on Cyborg, with interesting parallels to some pre-Flashpoint tales.  But, rather than Batman having files on all the heroes in the DCU, it is now Cyborg who has been tracking and filing info on every hero operating in the New52.  While this is most useful in sending invitations to potential League members, there is always some danger in keeping those kinds of files…and that obviously will lead us into the next few issues of JL.  The moments of most interest to Flash fans, however, concern Wal…I mean Barry’s interactions with the other League members and with the potential members invited to the Watchtower.

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Flash #19 Fold-Out Cover Revealed

Flash #19 Fold-Out Cover by Francis Manapul

DC Comics has unveiled the Flash #19 fold-out cover at Newsarama. To no great surprise, it turns out to feature the new Reverse-Flash, who recently debuted in Flash #17.

Actually, I do find it a bit odd that the Reverse-Flash is holding a bloody bicycle helmet.

DC’s April covers all feature a fold-out with a surprise twist on the right side of the image (at one point they were referred to as “WTF Certified,” but that terminology has been dropped), though how many are really surprises is hard to say. The Flash is featured on the “surprise” side of Dial H #11 cover, and Kid Flash on the Vibe #3 cover. The Flash also appears on the teaser sides of Justice League Dark #19 & DC Universe Presents #19, though the full covers to those comics haven’t been released yet.

Flash #19 also has a MAD-themed variant cover.

Fold-out cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
1:25 MAD Variant cover by The Usual Gang of Idiots
On sale APRIL 24 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

What is the latest and greatest threat to The Flash and all those closest to him?