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A look back at Speed Force in September.

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This Week: Digital Dark Flash vs Replicant

It’s the last week of Villains Month, and all three Flash villain spotlights are out. That leaves this week’s digital re-release, Flash #155 (Wally West series). The mysterious Dark Flash takes a more severe approach to villains than Barry or Wally ever did, and after Captain Boomerang is seriously injured in a fight, the Rogues create the Replicant, one man with the powers of all the Rogues’ weapons.

Replicant’s origin story was actually in The Flash Secret Files #2, which DC hasn’t sent to ComiXology. They haven’t been terribly concerned with specials like this, or annuals, from their backlist. Fortunately, most of the annuals from this series were stand-alone stories, and only the Replicant origin and introduction of Hunter Zolomon in the second and third Secret Files books really leave holes in the stories that are online. Well, and Iron Heights, which is a critical piece of the build-up to Crossfire.

5 Reasons Wally West Should Appear in The Flash TV Show

Today’s guest post is by Steve Henel

Wally West. What is going on?On July 30th, the news broke that a live action Flash series would soon be joining the successful “Arrow” show currently being broadcast on the CW network. The character of Barry Allen, now appearing in comics as the “New 52” version of the famous speedster, will be introduced on Arrow before spinning off into his own adventures. As most comic fans know, Barry Allen is not the only person to wear the crimson and yellow, and the question of whether or not he is the most popular (or most “iconic” as DC has branded him) is still a matter of heated debate. His comic book sidekick-turned-successor Wally West is both a fan favorite character and the Flash many people best remember, due to his appearances in the animated Justice League, Teen Titans, and Young Justice cartoons. Of course Barry will be the star of the new Flash series, and he is certainly the face of the franchise that Dan Didio and Geoff Johns want the world to see.

That being said, there are many reasons why including Wally West in the CW show makes a lot of sense. These range from the simple storytelling potential he provides to the ways that he can attract fans who have never picked up a comic book before. For several years, the DC powers-that-be have purposely kept Wally out of comic books, partially due to the fear that another Flash would take the focus away from Barry Allen and make him appear less special as a superhero. This opinion piece is meant to reveal just how Wally West could actually enhance and deepen the appeal of Barry Allen in a television show. Here then, are 5 reasons to include Wally as a member of the supporting cast: Continue reading

“Arrow’s” Grant Gustin Talks Flash

Grant Gustin, cast as Barry Allen on “Arrow” and positioned for a possible Flash spin-off, spoke with E Online last Friday about running, the iconic costume (yes, we will see it, but not in the first two episodes which take place before he becomes the Flash), and researching the character by reading Geoff Johns’ comics.

Thanks to The Dude for the link.

Preview Art for Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1

DC Comics has released four pages of preview art from the first issue of Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion. The miniseries will run alongside the main Forever Evil event. Brian Buccellato writes. Patrick Zircher and Scott Hepburn draw the first two issues, with Scott Hepburn taking over solo art duties in issue three.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1 Preview Art

The Rogues Have a Code – Review of The Rogues #1

Villains Month: Flash #23.3 /  Rogues #1This is one “Villains Month” comic that I truly wish was a permanent ongoing series…not just a mini series  but a full-fledged ongoing a la Gail Simone’s old Secret Six (though I am looking forward to Rogues Rebellion).  The Flash #23.3 aka The Rogues #1 has the look and feel of an excellent series first issue, giving us a New 52 version of what has made the Rogues great for decades. These are the ultimate blue-collar crooks, not bent on world domination but on making a living the “honest” way…by robbery, of course.  Their code against killing makes them almost completely unique, especially in the DC Universe.  These colorful crooks are more human, even with their newer meta-powers, than most villains found anywhere else in comics…and it makes one almost cheer for them at times.   This is only part of why there are so many Rogues fans out there…and this issue captures the essence of what has made the group so great for so many years.


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