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Speed Reading: To the Art

Some art-related linkblogging…

Yildiray Cinar draws an impressive Reverse Flash (via @SpeedsterSite)

There’s a new Rogue in town…a new Rogues blog, that is: The Rogues Kick Ass (via @liabrown1). So far, it’s mostly comedic scans from published comics. (Context? What context?)

This is Knutz presents: The Rogues as kittens. (via @SpeedsterSite) Hilarious!

The Best Comic Covers looks back on the 9 Best Superman vs Flash Covers.

Various people at DC Comics weigh in on their favorite DC covers. Dan Didio’s is Michael Turner’s Flash #207 (via @SpeedsterSite).

Last week, Once Upon a Geek posted a series of poster galleries, including the JSA, Flash, Green Lantern, Sandman, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and more.

Behind the Scenes

Francis Manapul has been posting a lot of Flash art on Twitter lately: the uncolored art for the Flash #5 cover and five pages from Flash #2.

Val Victory’s review of the Flash: Rebirth hardcover includes scans of Ethan Van Sciver’s discarded designs for Wally West’s new costume.

Lots of places have been posting about Wednesday Comics with the release of the hardcover this week. The Source has some of the extras, including art from Karl Kerschl’s Flash strip.

Comic Strips

OK, none of these strips are Flash-related… but I had to share them anyway.

Comic Critics points out that Gotham City is a bad place to open themed businesses.

Creebobby presents Batman after a bad night on patrol: Bat-Fail.

Speed Reading: Blackest Night in 60 Seconds, Comics According to Geoff, Movie Thoughts & More

Some weekend linkblogging.


Comics Alliance presents (in comic book form): Blackest Night in 60 Seconds….and on a more serious note, spotlights Comic Book Cartography — maps of various fictional worlds, buildings, and more. Edit: Here’s a direct link to the Comic Book Cartography blog.

Frank Ziegler draws a Cartoony Jay Garrick.


Multiversity Comics looks at The DCU According to Geoff Johns, covering the entirety of the writer’s DC work to date.

Grumpy Old Fan considers The Gospel According to Geoff, looking at what made Blackest Night work as more than merely a “process story.”

It’s Just Movies’ Ben Fowler discusses, If I Was Making … ‘The Flash’.

Cool-Mo-De starts a Goofy villains series with the Rainbow Raider and Flash vol.2 Annual #10 (Pulp Heroes), with art by the late Dick Giordano.

Comics Daily asks, How do you solve a problem like Wally West?


A Comic Book Blog interviews Ethan Van Sciver.

WonderCon Flash Bits: Jesse Quick, EVS & Carmine Infantino, Movie Non-News

I’m back from San Francisco, catching up on work, email, and reading. I’ll post my WonderCon write-up when I get a chance (tonight, I hope, but definitely by the end of the week [Update: it’s up now]), but for now, here are a few more Flash items from the convention:

Jesse Quick will be joining the Justice League of America after the upcoming JLA/JSA crossover, as announced at the James Robinson Spotlight.

He included the character because he was always such a fan of the character’s father, Johnny Quick. The writer made sure to mention that he has no plans to upset the marriage between Jessie Quick and Hourman. He promised there would be no cheap plot device to break them up.

Robinson also made some thought-provoking remarks about the Flash in the Super-Hero Origins panel, which I’ll write up when I have more time and can look at my notes. Update: Here they are: JR on super-hero origins.

When asked about plans for DC movies beyond Green Lantern, Geoff Johns said, “We’ll talk in San Diego.” A lot of sites are taking this to mean that DC will announce Flash & other movie plans at Comic-Con International in July.

At the Ethan Van Sciver Spotlight, the artist was asked about Carmine Infantino’s classic art in connection with Flash: Rebirth.

The artist said that he loved Infantino’s work, and that besides Batman, the Flash has one of the best set of villains in the DCU, which Van Sciver credits to Infantino. “His characters were so unique and individual, so wonderfully different from each other,” he said, also mentioning that he would love to go back to “revisit the wonderful, angular, ugly faces of Carmine Infantino’s rogues, and restore them.” Van Sciver even said he would talk with new “Flash” artist Francis Manapul about Infantino’s rogues.

And once again, my photos from the con are up on Flickr.

That Placeholder Flash: Rebirth Cover

Remember that placeholder cover DC used when they solicited Flash: Rebirth #6 to avoid spoilers? Apparently Ethan Van Sciver scrapped that one unfinished, because he’s offering it on Facebook in an art contest.

To the right of the fully-drawn figure of Barry Allen, he’s added the new Impulse, a sketchy figure who appears to be Kid Flash, and a really sketchy figure who could be anyone (though I’m guessing Wally West — he may have scrapped the cover before he finished designing the new costume). The left side of the page is still empty.

Edit: Apparently not everyone can see the image, so here’s a smaller copy of what he’s posted.

Flash at WonderCon 2010

[WonderCon: April 2-4, 2010]WonderCon has started posting the 2010 convention schedule, starting with Friday’s programming. The Flash: Rebirth team of Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver are both guests at the convention…and they each get a spotlight panel.

Friday, April 2
12:30–1:30 Spotlight on Ethan Van Sciver
3:00–4:00 Spotlight on Geoff Johns
4:00–5:00 DC Nation

Saturday, April 3
12:00–1:30 DCU Editorial Presentation

I’m going to WonderCon on Saturday, but I’ll be on the road on Friday, so I’ll probably miss both spotlights. If we get into San Francisco early enough, I might drop in for part of the afternoon, and if I do make it to one of the panels, I’ll post any Flash news that comes up.

Update: Saturday’s schedule is up now, and the most-likely place for Flash news is the DCU Editorial Presentation. Last year it was mostly a retread of DC Nation, but if I don’t make it to DC Nation, I won’t mind so much.

Considering that the con is only two weeks before Flash #1, and DC has already released a preview, I don’t expect any major revelations…but you never know…

Flash: Rebirth #6 Final Cover Revealed

Way back when DC first solicited Flash: Rebirth #6, they used a placeholder cover: Barry Allen in costume, taking his mask off, on a background of swirly colors. Artist Ethan Van Sciver mentioned around that time that all of the covers in solicitations for issues #4–6 had been altered to hide spoilers, and fans speculated that he would be surrounded by other speedsters in the final version.

DC has updated the listing for the issue with the final cover, and it’s completely different:

The variant cover was revealed two weeks ago. Flash: Rebirth #6 arrives in stores next week.