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C2E2 Comic Con Exclusives White Lantern Flash and JLU Heatwave (Image Intensive)

So last weekend Chicago’s biggest comic book convention, C2E2 was held. Which just so happens to be the the first leg on the Mattycollector.com Collector Appreciation Tour 2011. This is the first place they would be selling the Heatwave, Flash and Mirror Master set, amongst other JLU goodies. Now normally I would be sitting back looking at the trickle of toy news online and thinking about how much the figures are going to cost me on evilBay the next day. This time however I had an ace in the hole; a reader of Speed Force who frequently posts comments under the name Fastest, Mark Maslauskas. Mark was going to the convention and was kind enough to offer to pick up a set for me. Can you believe it? Absolutely awesome.

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The Fwoosh Justice League Unlimited Giveaway

Popular action figure collecting and customizing site, TheFwoosh.com is holding 3 giveaways for 3 different sets of Justice League Unlimited Convention Exclusive 3 packs. Two of which feature characters that have been central to the Flash at one point or another.

From The Fwoosh:

To help get things started, The Fwoosh is going to give you the first chance at owning these exclusive three-packs with not one, not two, but THREE giveaways, each with a prize of one of the three packs. We know you have been waiting a long time for a lot of these characters and now you have the chance of getting your paws on them ahead of the curve. Pretty neat, eh?

We have all of the official rules and entrance criteria listed for each giveaway below so please read all of the fine print carefully. The best part is that you can enter all three contests so don’t forget to follow all of the steps. We want to send a big thank you to Matty and crew for sending along these exclusive sets to make these great giveaways possible.

Now, hurry up and get your entries in, all of the details are listed after the jump!

Are you ready? Here we go!


Pretty cool huh? The three packs in question are:

1) Firestorm (who ran as a back up story in Barry’s series for 15 issues), Angle Man and Killer Frost (who was a boss in the GBA gameJustice League Heroes: The Flash).


2) Kyle Rayner, Evil Star and Goldface (who had a role as a villain during Barry’s series and returned in Geoff John’s run of The Flash as Keystone City’s Union Commissioner)

3) and last but certainly not least Barry Allen (previously released as a single), and classic Flash Rogues, Heatwave (available for the first time) and Mirror Master (previously released as a single and in a 3 pack along with Copperhead and Lex Luthor).

I have zero interest in the Firestorm pack (sorry Ronnie), and almost the same in the Kyle Rayner pack (I just want Goldface). The Flash 3 pack however is a no-brainer except that I already have Barry and Mirror Master. I might have to try and track down Heatwave and Goldface as singles in the secondary market. I just can’t believe that Mattel does something really awesome and then screws it up almost immediately after (for me at least) by making these convention exclusives. I’m also not thrilled about the fact that they MAY have some left over at the END OF THE YEAR for those who couldn’t make it the cons. I understand that they didn’t have to make these sets and that its cool that they are releasing them in some way, but man I can see these sets making some scalpers a lot of money.  Of course if I were to win one of these that would solve half of my problem.

If you plan on entering all three contests keep in mind that you need to have a valid Fwoosh account (sign up is free) and a Facebook account (sign up also free).

Entries are due by 11:59:59 pm CST Saturday, March 12th, 2011 so you’ve got about 2 days left. So get to it!

Good luck and thanks for reading,


Devin “Flash” Johnson

Toy Fair 2011 Flash News!

Wow, wow, wow! Some great stuff coming out of Toy Fair this year for the Flash. Mattel had quite a few new Flash related items to show off while DC Direct really had nothing new that we hadn’t already seen. The following pics below are courtesy of Toynewsi.com.

I was most looking forward to the Young Justice and JLU news because of the rumored upcoming releases and they didn’t disappoint. Well almost didn’t but we will get to that later.

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Recent Acquisitions Part 1

As you all should be aware of by now, I’m a die hard Flash collector and I’ve been collecting Flash memorabilia for some time now. This includes action figures, statues, plush toys, hats, t-shirts, shoes etc etc. A few months ago I moved, and as a result a lot of my collection isn’t on display anymore. Furthermore I’d fallen behind on collecting due to various reasons and I had a lot of catching up to do.

In the last couple months I’ve been focused on filling in a lot of the holes that I hadn’t had a chance to fill until now. And with The Flash getting renewed focus in the DC Universe I didn’t want to fall too far behind and miss my chance to acquire a lot of stuff that are being made in very limited quantities.

To that end I present to you part 1 of my Recent Acquisitions. These were all picked up in the last month or so from various sources (including retail, surprisingly) and I’ve made great progress on getting back on track as far as my collection goes. There are quite a few things that are present in my collection that have yet to be showcased online, but it’s called “Recent Acquisitions” for a reason and I’m only trying to show what I’ve gotten in the last month or so. So without further ado, my Recent Acquisitions:

Click for Larger View

From left to right we have:

Batman: Brave and the Bold Action League feat. Batman vs. The Top

Batman: Brave and the Bold Action League feat. Batman vs. Gorilla Grodd

Batman: Brave and the Bold “Gotham City Battle” feat. Batman vs. Gorilla Grodd

Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang I (Since Justice League Unlimited is exclusively sold through Target, I had a huge headache tracking these down. Partly due to that and partly due to my own carelessness. But I will get into that soon.)

C3 Minimates Flash Variant (based on the Timmverse design)

DC Direct’s 1:6 SCALE Golden Age Flash

Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection The Streak (A Mattycollector.com exclusive, now SOLD OUT)

DC Universe’s 3¾ Scale Infinite Heroes Barry Allen (I got the Mattycollector.com exclusive variant a few months back as well. Also SOLD OUT)

DC SuperFriends Stuffed Flash Plush

Not bad at all if I do say so myself. Especially since acquiring these guys took a little more leg work than usual. After my Local Comic Book Shop closed up shop around ’07 or so, I’ve had to use the internet to acquire most of my collectibles. Every once in a while I would run into something at retail but very rarely have I not used an online source to obtain most of my stuff. This time around however was a nice mixed bag.

I picked up the two Brave and the Bold Action League sets along with the Infinite Heroes Barry Allen at Target.

I got the larger Brave and the Bold set at Toysrus.com. This was the very last place I expected to find this. Paid a lot less than people have it for on eBay.

The Streak as mentioned previously was a Mattycollector.com exclusive that was sold along with the majority of the Justice Guild (which I may sell off at a later date).

The Golden Age Flash 1:6 Scale Figure was purchased from Superherotoys.com.

And Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, the C3 Flash minimate variant, and the SuperFriends Plushy were all procured through eBay.

Captain Cold was without a doubt the figure that gave me the most trouble tracking down. When I first heard about the Target Exclusive Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang set being released and available I scoured Targets everywhere to no avail. I finally had to resort to the secondary market (eBay) to pick it up. I lucked out and found a great deal on both overall. They were loose and out of package (I don’t keep my stuff MOC so that isn’t an issue for me) and the prices on both were reasonable. They were both from the same seller so I even saved on shipping. Mission Accomplished right? Not quite. In my efforts to clean and organize my room and collection I had Cold and Boomerang sitting on a shelf, with a large trash bag underneath that I was using to throw out useless clutter. Captain Cold must have fallen into the trash bag or something, because when I went to find it later for my recent acquisitions picture a week ago I could not find it anywhere.

So back to eBay we go. Now it had been several weeks since my initial purchase and prices on Captain Cold had skyrocketed. That is if you could find one (at the time) anyway. Being a Target Exclusive made the action figure set virtually impossible to find at retail so people were jacking up the prices online accordingly. I’m not going to say exactly how much I paid for the second Captain Cold but I will say I was not happy. But thinking about how awesome he is going to look with the rest of the Justice League Unlimited Rogues that I have puts a smile on my face.

And there you have it. Part 1 of my Recent Acquisitions. Part 2 and 3 will be on the way shortly. I plan on writing some reviews on some of these guys in the near future as well. If there is a particular collectible you would like spotlighted please don’t hesitate to let me know. Also with this part out of the way I am now able to free them from their plastic prisons and add them to my display. Look for updated pictures of my collection in the near future. I also have some old collection pics on my facebook. The link to the gallery is HERE

Devin “The Flash” Johnson