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Speed Reading: Art Round-Up

And be sure to keep up with The Rogues Kick Ass and The Fastest Fan Alive!

Impulse Sketch by Brian Buccellato (And Flash Hints from Long Beach)

I had a lot of fun today at Long Beach Comic Con. Barring disaster, photos will be up on Flickr tonight [edit: they are], and my write-up should be ready by the end of the weekend [edit: it is now, a bit later than planned].

First, though, check out this sketch by Brian Buccellato. I talked with him this afternoon, about everything from the latest issue to the Flash’s powers to editor’s notes and recap pages to who would make a good Flash movie (his preferred lead actor: Ryan Gosling), and got this sketch.*

He also gave me a sneak peek at Flash #3, and I’ve got to say: it looks awesome! He says they figure this is the issue that will really win people over and convince them that the success of the first two issues is more than a fluke, and from what I’ve seen, I have to agree.

He mentioned that they have 25 issues planned out already, that the shift from Rogues with weapons to Rogues with powers will be explained in-story, and that we will see continuing consequences of the event at the end of this week’s issue. And yes, we’ll be seeing some of the Rogues very soon.

*Why Impulse? I got a Flash sketch when he did the signing at The Comic Bug last month, and I wanted another character, but one still Flash-related. And I miss Bart as Impulse. Funny story: While I was talking with him, someone else came up and asked for a sketch of the X-Men character of his choice. He went with Nightcrawler…and it turned out that Francis Manapul had also drawn him Nightcrawler in San Diego!

Scott Kolins Canceled Flash #13 Cover Art

eBay user sneeze58 is selling a piece of Scott Kolins art which would have been the cover of Flash #13, which was canceled for Flashpoint. The seller explains:

I bought this piece at the 2011 Heroes Con directly from the artist, Scott Kolins. This issue was to have the origin of Reverse Flash by Geoff Johns and Kolins, but was canceled due to the schedule of DC’s Flashpoint. I believe this is the cover rough, I’m not sure if a final cover was done however.The art is on 11×17 bristol, and a larger image is shown below.

It’s still not clear whether the Professor Zoom-focused issue was scrapped completely or repurposed as the Flashpoint: Reverse-Flash one-shot.

Speed Reading: Art Round-Up

Some Flash art found this past week…

Zoom Zoom cover design by scottygod and skutterfly. (via GoRogues)

The webcomic Gutters satirizes the comics industry. It recently took on the Speed Force.

Project Rooftop’s invitational features a redesign of The Flash by Joel Carroll. (via Michael Kaiser)

Philip Tan draws Wally West. (via @Speedstersite)

Speed Reading: Art, Quick Time, DCUO, Fast Mail and More

Some weekend linkblogging…


I finally placed what that Funko Flash plush toy reminds me of: paintings by Degrazia.

Michael Cho is bringing some great paintings of the Flash and Mister Miracle to Fan Expo. (via @FrancisManapul)

In Brightest Day, In Blackest…Coffee? The Nerdy Bird has found an awesome T-shirt on Etsy.

Giant Size Geek (formerly Photon Torpedoes) found a “trippy” Martin Ansin painting of the Flash. Actually, there’s another Giant Size Geek find that’s going to get its own post…

Commentary and News

Quick Time is a new blog focusing on Jesse Quick and Hourman. Recent posts include costumes, low points (Jesse in Titans, anyone?), and thoughts on the Justice Society roster.

That F’ing Monkey looks at Flash postage stamps in the Fastest Mail Alive.

The Source has a new video ad for DC Universe Online, “I am the Next Legend.”

The Flash makes IGN’s top DC series list at #8.

CSBG has completed their series on the Top 75 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics History.

Speed Reading: Comic-Con Follow-Up

SyFy Balloon and OmniSome links related to the Flash and Comic-Con International.

Francis Manapul writes about SDCC, Beast Legends, and Flash #4.

Titans Tower Monitor Room has been posting convention sketches from Comic-Con International, including Kid Flash by Sean Philips [Update] and another Kid Flash by Francis Manapul.

DC Comics has teamed up with Converse for super-hero shoes, starting with Batman, Superman and Green Lantern. Somehow they managed to skip the hero who’s famous for running.

I’m still working on my overall convention report. Here are Thursday and Friday. Half-done, half to go!

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