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Titans at Dragon*Con

Teen Titans, originally uploaded by Dharma Initiate.

While looking for photos of Flash costumes at more recent conventions, I stumbled on this incredible meet-up from last year’s Dragon*Con, with Teen Titans cosplayers covering every era of the team from Kid Flash to Raven to Jericho, Superboy, and Static.

Be sure to check out the rest of Dharma Initiate’s Dragon*Con 2009 set, including pictures of two Kid Flashes goofing off, Titans battling Deathstroke, and group shots with at least two Superboys and three different Wonder Girls.

SpeedsterShow Podcast

While catching up at the SpeedsterSite forums, I found a thread announcing the first episode of the SpeedsterShow Podcast. It actually launched a week ago, but I missed it because I haven’t been keeping up with forums much lately.

Listen to Kuhan, West, Prime, and Ben as they discuss the highs, but mostly lows, of Flash Rebirth and Blackest Night: Flash and how they feel about the future of the Flash ongoing! Also, old news…

In addition to the podcast website, it’s also on iTunes.

Now I know what the soundtrack for my commute is going to be for the next day or two.

Vote! CSBG March Madness Round 3

The Flash beat the Hulk in round two of Comics Should Be Good’s March Madness, and now Wally West moves on to round three, where he’ll go up against Green Lantern Hal Jordan. During the week leading up to the conclusion of Blackest Night. Hmm, this doesn’t look too promising for Wally. (But then, what does, these days?)

CSBG has posted an updated chart featuring the sweet sixteen.

Oddly enough, ESPN is also running a superhero/supervillain tournament. That poll is already on the “Incredible 8.” I’ll give you two guesses as to what they call the next round.

Vote! CSBG March Madness Round 2

Well, we won’t be getting that Barry Allen vs. Wally West battle after all. While Wally outraced Sinestro 57% to 43% in Silver Age Round 1, the Hulk smashed Barry Allen 52% to 48%. Meanwhile, over in the modern age region, Bart Allen was knocked out of the running by Starman at 55% to 45%.

Flash Wally West moves on to battle the Hulk. Can he avenge his former mentor? Vote in round 2 of the CSBG DC/Marvel character tournament!

Vote! CSBG DC/Marvel March Madness

Comics Should Be Good is running a DC/Marvel Character Tournament. Round 1 of voting is open now for the following regions based on characters’ first appearances:

We could theoretically see Barry against Wally in round 2, depending on how well Barry does against the Hulk and Wally does against Sinestro. Though I suspect due to Blackest Night, Sinestro’s popularity is probably at an all-time high right now.