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Flash Forward Comes to TV

This is about a different sort of Flash, but it should be cool!

Flash Forward

Various sources are reporting that ABC has officially picked up 13 episodes of Flash Forward, based on the Robert J. Sawyer novel of the same name (which I reviewed at Speed Force last December).

The series is about the fallout from an event in which everyone in the world blacks out for 2 minutes and sees a vision of their own future. (In the book it’s 20 years, but in the TV show it’s 6 months…presumably to make it more urgent and so that the show can catch up to it.)

The cast features Joseph Fiennes, Sonya Walger, John Cho, Jack Davenport, Brian O’Byrne, Courtney B. Vance, Christine Woods, Zachary Knighton and Peyton List.

Where else can you see William Shakespeare, Hikaru Sulu, Penelope Widmore and James Norrington together?

Variety points out that with Lost returning in January, ABC may intend Flash Forward to fill the gap in fall, while Lost fans wait for its final season. (ABC has said from the start that they’re hoping Flash Forward will be the show to keep Lost‘s audience coming back after that show wraps.)

There’s actually a Flash connection — or rather, several. David Goyer (who wrote a now-scrapped script for the Flash movie) co-wrote and directed the pilot, and Marc Guggenheim (who wrote Flash: The Fastest Man Alive — “Full Throttle” [edit: fixed title]) will executive produce the series.

(via Robert J. Sawyer. Cross-posted at K-Squared Ramblings)

Flash Signings for Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day

Saturday, May 2 is Free Comic Book Day, and comic stores around the world (okay, mostly in the US) are holding events with guests from the comics industry.  I’ve put together a list of all the Flash and Impulse-related appearances I could find:

United States


  • Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver sign at Atomic Comics in Mesa


  • Mark Waid and Marc Guggenheim sign at Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka from noon-3pm
  • Mark Guggenheim will also appear at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles from 4-7pm.
  • Todd Nauck (Young Justice) signs at 4 Color Fantasies in Rancho Cucamonga


  • Paul Pelletier signs at Heroes Haven in Tampa


  • Greg LaRocque signs at Super Villains Comic Shop in Baltimore

New York


  • Ken Lashley (Flash: The Fastest Man Alive) signs at Comic Connection in Hamilton, Ontario


The FCBD website has a list of more creator signings on Saturday. I may have missed some Flash-related names.

Free Comic Book Day

Speed Reading: Geoff and the Marks

Comic Book Resources is launching Geoff Johns Prime, a bimonthly question-and-answer feature. Questions for the first column are open until April 27.

Newsarama interviews Minck Oosterveer, artist on the upcoming miniseries The Unknown with writer Mark Waid.

CBR has a video interview with Marc Guggenheim and a 12-page preview of Resurrection #1, the first ongoing issue of his series at Oni. (See also part 2 of the interview.)

Update: Newsarama also has a two-part interview with Ethan Van Sciver about his design work for Blackest Night.

Mark Waid and Marc Guggenheim SoCal Signings

Two signings with former Flash writers named Mark coming up in Southern California over the next two weeks

Mark Waid will be signing at the BOOM! Studios booth at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (on the UCLA campus) on Saturday, April 25.

Waid will join Marc Guggenheim and others for a signing at Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka, California on Saturday, May 2 for Free Comic Book Day.

Speed Reading: Morrison/Millar, Rebirth Reactions, Signings and More

Flash v.2 #134Mindless Ones takes an extensive look at the Morrison/Millar Flash run, focusing on the excellent Jay Garrick spotlight issue, Flash v.2 #134.

Flash: Rebirth #1 makes up a large chunk of the Weekly Crisis’ Moments of the Week.

4thLetter! asks, “You know what was hilarious?”

Daryl Tay wonders, New Flash or Old Flash? — contrasting the quick sell-out of Flash: Rebirth #1 with Newsarama’s “Who’s your favorite Flash” poll in which visitors overwhelmingly chose Wally West over Barry Allen.

The Four Color Media Monitor is glad to hear that Bart Allen is back.

Comicbook.com has 10 “Are You JOKING” Moments in Comic Books including the April 2008 return of Barry Allen

The Hero Initiative has announced their schedule for Free Comic Book Day (Saturday, May 2). Among other events, former Flash writers Mark Waid and Marc Guggenheim will be appearing at Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka, California from 12:00-3:00.

The first issue of Mark Waid’s Irredeemable sold out in one day, and will get a second printing.

The Weekly Crisis talks about corporate comics, with DC and Marvel as Intellectual Property companies first, and comics companies second.

Once Upon a Geek digs up an old ad for COIE…back when the title was going to be “DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths.”

And totally off-topic, there’s Rorschach Reviews Watchmen.

Creator Catch-Up: Waid, Guggenheim, Van Sciver, Acuña, Infantino

Mark Waid‘s all over the place. CBR has two interviews: First he talks about Irredeemable, then at NYCC he unveils The Unknown, a 4-issue miniseries described as “What if Doc Savage were written by David Lynch?” and adds more details on Irredeemable. There’s also a bit about his Spider-Man arc, “24/7” with Mike McKone, and Newsarama writes about Irredeemable

Geoff Johns was all over New York Comic-Con, but the biggest announcement was the confirmation that he’ll write Adventure Comics with Francis Manapul on art. (Johns’ role in the book has been suspected since the new series was announced, given that he’s spent the last year and a half re-establishing the pre-Crisis version of the Legion of Super-Heroes in Justice Society of America, Action Comics, and Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds.)

SILive’s article on New york Comic-Con profiles Silver-Age Flash co-creator Carmine Infantino.

IGN interviews Marc Guggenheim about his Green Lantern movie script.

Newsarama interviews Daniel Acuña.

Ethan Van Sciver explains his theory linking US political shifts to the popularity of Werewolves and Zombies vs. Vampires and Aliens in pop culture.