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DCUC Crime Syndicate Johnny Quick First Look

The Fwoosh has the first look at Johnny Quick, The Crime Syndicate of Amerika’s own evil speedster who exists as a alternate Earth counterpart to our own Barry Allen, The Flash. There was also a version of Johnny that was an alternate and twisted version of Wally West but this design is clearly based on the Silver Age version of the sinister speedster. The figure will be released in a Walmart Exclusive Five pack that also includes the other four members of the CSA from various time periods; Johnny and Power Ring are from the Silver Age, Ultraman and Owlman are based on more modern renditions of the characters and Super Woman has a nice mix of everything. While I initially thought the different styles and looks wouldn’t mesh as well together I was mistaken:

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DC Universe Classics Blue Lantern Flash Carded Images and Wally West Custom

Hey, Speed Readers! Earlier this afternoon Mattycollector.com’s Facebook page released carded images of DC Universe Classics Wave 17, Mattel’s own Blackest Night Wave. Of course any Flash fan that has been following the last few years of the DC Universe would know that Barry was deputized into the Blue Lantern Corps during Blackest Night and has already seen a release in the DC Direct Blackest Night Wave. Now DC Universe Classics collectors get a shot at him:


One cool thing to note that was absent from the DC Direct version of this figure is the ability for this figure to hold his included Lantern. The DCD version sports closed fists. In addition to that the figure has 23 points of articulation and has a lighter color scheme. Despite feeling pretty burnt out on the whole Rainbow Lantern thing I will still be picking this figure up. The completest in me will not let me pass up on it.

I also came across an auction posted by eBay seller, Last_Galaxy for a custom Wally West action figure in his latest uniform:

The figure’s base looks to be a DC Universe Classics Barry Allen with a sculpted on lightning belt, lightning forearms and Wally’s new (JLU) symbol. Still hoping to see some version of this figure from either DC Direct or Mattel soon. I really do not care who makes it I just want it! The auction ends in about 4 days and can be found HERE.

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Devin “Flash” Johnson

Fourth Round of DC Universe Classics Fan Bracket at AFI

The DC Universe Classic Fan Bracket from Action Figure Insider continues with the Fourth Round of voting. The bracket has been ongoing since last year and this round is full of tough choices.

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Toy Fair 2011 Flash News!

Wow, wow, wow! Some great stuff coming out of Toy Fair this year for the Flash. Mattel had quite a few new Flash related items to show off while DC Direct really had nothing new that we hadn’t already seen. The following pics below are courtesy of Toynewsi.com.

I was most looking forward to the Young Justice and JLU news because of the rumored upcoming releases and they didn’t disappoint. Well almost didn’t but we will get to that later.

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Recent Acquisitions Volume 6: In Gold We Trust *Image Intensive*

Alright folks as promised (albeit a bit late), another edition of Recent Acquisitions. Two days ago I received a package from Sci-Fi Genre; the DC Universe Origins Flash Two Pack from DC Direct. Celebrating 75 years of DC Comics, the packs feature one figure representing the classic version of the character and the other being the most current version of the character. This is from the second wave, the first featuring exclusively Batman characters. I believe that all of the figures in the wave are repaints. I know for a fact that Jay Garrick is a repaint of the First Appearances Flash action figure and that Barry is a repaint of Wally West from the Justice League of America Series 3 action figure set. Normally I would scoff at a repaint, I still haven’t picked up JLA Classified Classics Flash or Identity Crisis Classics Flash and don’t plan to anytime soon, but the new paint applications on these figures are a vast improvement over the originals.

Pictures of this set and much more after the break.

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Blue Lantern Barry Announced for DC Universe Classics

Right after DC Direct releases Blue Lantern Barry Allen for Wave 6 of their Blackest Night line of action figures, Mattel announces the release of Blue Lantern Barry in the upcoming Blackest Night-themed Wave 17 of the acclaimed DC Universe Classics Series:

Okay, I’m always excited for just about anything Flash, especially when it comes to action figures, and I hate to be ungrateful but do we really need another Barry in the DC Universe Classics Line so soon? Yes, I can understand the inclusion of the figure because 1) It’s cheaper to reuse a mold than to commission a new one, 2) Blackest Night is DC’s most successful comic event to date and I would be foolish to expect them not to try and cash in on it and 3) Barry is the main Flash again and DC is determined to avoid highlighting any other speedsters until Barry has been firmly established in every medium.  Still is it too much to ask for even a Zoom? I’m already kind of burnt out on Blue Lantern Barry (after the Heroclix and the aforementioned DC Direct version) and I can never get enough of Zoom. Although what I would really want is Wally or Jay.

I will say that the Blue Lantern uniforms are still very striking visually and despite my annoyance at essentially already owning three of the same figure (Wave 7, TRU Gold Repaint and Giants of Justice) and having to add yet another repaint to my DCUC collection, I still may pick this up. Funny how I complain yet still plan on purchasing it anyway.

As far as this one versus DC Direct’s version? I’m digging the glossy paint job on the DC Direct version a lot more, that and the overall sculpt is just more pleasing to me. Especially since I prefer to have less articulation in my figures. I will say that Mattel has done a great job at making the many points of articulation on their figures less noticeable but I still find them to be less appealing. I’m going to have fun comparing and contrasting them once I have the DCUC version as well.

DC Universe Classics Wave 17 will also feature Hal Jordan as a White and Black Lantern, Violet Lantern Wonder Woman, Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, Indigo Lantern Atom, and Yellow Lantern Scarecrow. The Collect and Connect figure is going to be the modern version of the Anti-Monitor. A Red Lantern Mera was planned to be included but she was scrapped due to the cost of tooling another figure. There are plans to include her sometime down the road. The wave is planned for release in late Spring next year, just in time for my birthday.

Devin “The Flash” Johnson