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Index of Comic-Con 2011 Coverage

The frenzy of Comic-Con International is over, and San Diego returns to normal…until next year. I was only there one day this year, but Devin and I both followed the event online to collect all the Flash news we could find.

Here’s a quick round-up of Speed Force’s convention coverage.

Flashpoint Reverse-Flash FigureFlash Comics News

A special thanks to @SpeedsterSite, @BitterWallyWest and @TheFlashReborn for asking questions in DC’s panels and around the floor, and posting about their experiences on Twitter. It was also great to meet all three of you finally.

Flash Collectibles News


Around the Con

Analysis and Commentary

I should have my convention write-up finished tonight or tomorrow soon. [Update: It’s up!] In a week or so, after everyone has had a chance to post their convention photos, I’ll publish a full round-up of costume sightings.

Didio’s Digital Designs: Connecting the Reboot Dots from Infinite Crisis to Flashpoint

At Comic-Con’s Sunday “The New 52” panel, Dan Didio stated that he’d wanted to reboot the DC Universe for five years, since Infinite Crisis*, but that the time didn’t seem right. Why not? And why is it happening now?

It makes more sense to tie it to Infinite Crisis: follow up a classic universe-changing event with a new universe-changing event 20 years later and usher in a new “age” of DC comics.

It seems clear that his plans morphed into One Year Later. Like the New 52, it was an attempt to establish a new status quo and provide a new jumping-on point for the entire line.

Something else Didio wanted to do with Infinite Crisis was bring back Barry Allen. He was coy about it for several years, but in the DC Nation column that ran the week of the last issue of Wally West’s Flash series, he explained that he’d wanted to bring Barry back with Infinite Crisis, but things didn’t work out, so they set up Bart instead. Then he’d wanted to bring Barry back in The Lightning Saga, but again, things didn’t work out, so they brought Wally back instead.

So what does it mean that things didn’t work out? Continue reading

Flash/Flashpoint Bits from Comic-Con

I missed the Flashpoint panel at Comic-Con, but Flash-related news can be pieced together from CBR’s report, Newsarama’s liveblog (which, due to technical difficulties, was only visible after the panel ended), and @SpeedsterSite was there live-tweeting the panel.

Kid Flash Lost

Newsarama quotes Sterling Gates: “Issue #3 is sort of a love letter to the Flash family. It’s very much about Bart and his relationship with the Flash family.” CBR continues, “Bart Allen is my favorite character so it was a pleasure to write this story.”

Scott Kolins is coming in to do a few pages of Kid Flash.

Gates via CBR: “The end of issue #3 dovetails into ‘Flashpoint’ #5 in a way that I don’t think a lot of people are expecting, and we do something with the Speed Force that’s never been done before”

On the Unexpected: CBR: “Gates said he was excited for the unexpected matchups possible in Flashpoint.‘”Where else do you get to see Kid Flash fight Brainiac?'” Newsarama: “Nome says that Gates threw a lot of ‘crazy stuff’ at him in the scripting of the Kid Flash miniseries.”

Other Flashes


So there was a reason to include John Fox in that Flash Secret Files book last year.


Newsarama says a question about Wally West “got a lot of applause,” and noted that he would appear in Kid Flash #3. According to CBR, Gates stated that “Wally will show up in ‘Kid Flash’ #3, and not in the way you expect.”

Citizen Cold

A fan asked: why Captain Cold? Newsarama: “Berganza noted Geoff Johns’ fondness for Captain Cold as motivation.”

Flash Action Figure Photos from Comic-Con: Flashpoint, The New 52 and…Mad Magazine?

New 52 Flash Figure

Whenever I first arrive on the exhibit hall at a new Comic-Con, I find myself at the DC Comics booth. Whether it’s to check out the signing schedule, or the demonstrations, or the displays, or even just see what this year’s decoration theme is. (It’s the New 52 first-issue covers, blown up to about 8 feet tall.) Continue reading

Comic-Con 2011 Photos are Up!

Captain Cold and The Flash

I’m back from a day at Comic-Con International, and I’ve posted my photos from Friday up at Flickr. This one here is of the two costumed con-goers who came to the Flash photo shoot originally planned for yesterday at 11:00, but now rescheduled for Saturday at 4:00 PM.

I’ll be posting some of the “Flashier” pics here, including a round-up of the action figures on display at the DC Comics booth. My con report, as usual, will go up at K-Squared Ramblings once I’ve had time to write it. Update: Here it is!