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A whole bunch of linkblogging for the week!

Reviews and Commentary

The Comic Treadmill is doing summer reruns with a look back at Flash v.2 #206-219 from 2005.

Blog@Newsarama looks at a panel from Blackest Night #1 and concludes that Barry died sometime between 1991 and 1996 if “the internet” is new to him today…and then there’s his using the term “geek” to refer to himself and Clark Kent, and Grant Morrison’s comment that “When geeks get power, you get Hitler.” Um…yeah.

Comix 411 reviews Green Lantern #44, guest starring the Flash.

Video Store Blues shows a couple of pages from the 2000 Superman and Bugs Bunny miniseries, featuring the Flash vs. the Road Runner.

The Weekly Crisis wishes DC and Marvel would engage in more world-building dealing with the impact of superheroes on Earth, like the Flash Museum and Superhero Memorial Day.

News and Interviews

CBR interviews Karl Kerschl and editor Marc Chiarello on Wednesday Comics

CBR has their own write-up of the DC Universe panel.

The Source has pictures from Geoff Johns and Dan Didio on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The Source announces JSA All-Stars, a spinoff of Justice Society of America, and Newsarama interviews Matt Sturges.


Comics Should Be Good has a John Byrne commission showing Doctor Doom defeating various DC heroes including Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash.

CBR has The Nerdy Bird’s Flight to San Diego, including pictures of her as a Red Lantern with her custom-made plush Dex-Starr, Red Lantern Kitty of Rage!

The webcomic Kidd and Geezer presents Kiddo Cosplays at SDCC [link gone] with a trio of super-heroes who all have something in common…

Flash: Rebirth #4-6 Rescheduled, Will Finish in November

Flash: Rebirth #4DC has delayed Flash: Rebirth #4 again to August 26, making it a full 2 1/2 months after issue #3. Additionally, they’ve rescheduled issues #5 and 6.

Flash: Rebirth #4 August 26 2 1/2 months after #3
Flash: Rebirth #5 October 14 1 1/2 months after #4
Flash: Rebirth #6 November 18 25 1 month after #5

That pushes them up to a deadline, because Blackest Night: Flash is supposed to spin out of Flash: Rebirth and start in November December [Edit: see comment thread]. Presumably it will need to line up with the rest of the Blackest Night tie-in miniseries (though we saw how well that worked with Final Crisis). Fortunately, Blackest Night: Flash is being drawn by a different artist, so Scott Kolins can start work on it while Ethan Van Sciver is still working on Flash: Rebirth.

Update August 13: On DC’s website, issue #6 has been pushed back another week to November 25.


On a related note, Ethan Van Sciver has posted the final cover to Flash: Rebirth #4 on his Facebook page. It’s very similar to the solicited one, with some color alterations. He mentioned on the Half-Hour Wasted podcast a few weeks ago that the solicited covers for #4-6 were all altered to prevent spoilers. I’m going to go on record here and predict that the final cover for #5 will be exactly like what we’ve seen, only the Black Flash carrying Professor Zoom’s lightning wand will be recolored as Professor Zoom.

This Week (July 29): Wednesday, Animal Man, JSA and New Frontier

Barry and Iris in Wednesday Comics. A future Flash in The Last Days of Animal Man. Jay in Justice Society of America. And finally, a classic Barry in DC: The New Frontier.

Wednesday Comics #4

Wednesday ComicsThis week features the fourth issue of the 12-part weekly Wednesday Comics, including a new Flash/Iris West segment by Karl Kerschl and Brenden Fletcher

7” x 10”, 16 pg, FC, $3.99 US

The Last Days of Animal Man #3

Last Days of Animal Man #3Written by Gerry Conway
Art by Chris Batista & Dave Meikis
Cover by Brian Bolland

Enter the League of Titans! Buddy Baker is cracking up, but can he rely on a little help from his friends? Or should a wounded animal just slink away to die? Starfire has an opinion on the subject, and she’s never been one to keep her feelings to herself…

3 of 6 · 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Note: The Source has a preview of the issue. It takes place 10-15 years in the future, with a possible future Flash.

Justice Society of America #29

Justice Society of America #29Written by Bill Willingham & Matthew Sturges
Art and cover by Jesus Merino

A new era begins for the Justice Society of America as writers Bill Willingham (Fables) and Matthew Sturges (Blue Beetle) take over the series with new artist Jesus Merino (Superman Annual) just as two new recruits make their debut with the team! Strange happenings at the JSA Mansion are weird precursors to an all-out attack on all members of the team — all but one! And what is the strange connection that new members King Chimera and All-American Kid might have with the turmoil?

32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Absolute New Frontier HC (New Printing)

Absolute New FrontierWritten by Darwyn Cooke
Art and cover by Darwyn Cooke

Writer/illustrator Darwyn Cooke’s award-winning, critically acclaimed masterpiece DC: The New Frontier is back in a new printing of the Absolute edition, featuring new story pages, detailed annotations, alternate sequences and an extensive gallery of sketches, pinups, action figure art and more!

In the 1950s, Cold War paranoia outlawed the Mystery Men of the Golden Age. Stalwarts such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman continued to fight for truth and justice, but as the world hurtled toward an uncertain future, it would take a new breed of hero to define the American Way. DC: The New Frontier takes readers on an epic journey from the end of the Golden Age of heroes to the beginnings of the legendary Justice League of America.

Darwyn Cooke’s most ambitious project yet features the stunning color art of Dave Stewart, an introduction by DC’s President and Publisher Paul Levitz, and an afterword by Cooke.

8.25” x 12.5”, 464 pg, FC, $75.00 US

Long-Running Speedster Series

Velocity #1 - ScrappedAfter reading more about the breakdown of the Velocity ongoing series that would have launched this year, I realized it would have been something very rare: An ongoing solo book about a speedster who wasn’t the Flash.

Impulse #1Off the top of my head, the only series I could think of was Impulse, which ran for 89 issues from 1995 through 2002…but even that was about the Flash’s cousin, who has since become Kid Flash (and was briefly the Flash). There was Top Cow’s Velocity miniseries that I’d just read, and Marvel’s Son of M miniseries starring Quicksilver, and the occasional special…but all of the long-running characters I could think of were either team members like Quicksilver (Avengers), Velocity (Cyberforce) and the Blur (Squadron Supreme), or Golden Age characters who appeared in anthologies, like DC’s Johnny Quick (More Fun Comics), Timely’s Whizzer (USA Comics), or Quality’s Quicksilver (National Comics — and he’s better known now as Max Mercury).

Quicksilver #1I remarked on this on Twitter, and @cm22 pointed out one more: Marvel launched a Quicksilver series in 1997, though it only lasted 13 issues.

So that’s two. Impulse, which is a Flash spin-off, and Quicksilver, which lasted only a year. Three if you count the upcoming Kid Flash series announced over the weekend, but then again it’s Kid Flash.

For comparison, DC has published an ongoing Flash series from 1940–1949, 1959–1985, and 1987–2008, with only a few months off in early 2006 during Infinite Crisis.

Flash Comics #1 Flash vol.1 #105 Flash vol.2 #1 Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1

In the last 70 years, there have been only 11 in which no issue of Flash appeared. In the last 50 years, there has been only one year without a Flash book, and that was 23 years ago.

If there was any question that the Flash was the most successful example of the speedster super-hero archetype, this should settle it!

All-Flash #1Note: It’s arguable that Flash Comics shouldn’t count, being an anthology series…but on the other hand, his name is in the title, his story was always the first feature, he alternated the cover spot with Hawkman, and the numbering was picked up for the 1959 Flash solo series. Besides, during most of the time Flash Comics was on the stands, DC also published All-Flash (1941–1948), which was definitely a solo Flash book!

Thanks to the Grand Comic Book Database for the cover thumbnails.

Flash News from San Diego

DC made only a few Flash announcements at Comic-Con, but they were big ones!

  • Blackest Night: Flash miniseries by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins — 3 issues starting in November December. (announced at the Geoff Johns Spotlight on Thursday) The book will star Barry, Wally, and a whole lot of dead Rogues. [Note: I was originally under the impression that the second round of Blackest Night tie-ins would launch in November, and at the panel I was focused on the official announcement and the people involved, so I missed the fact that the month was one syllable off from what I was expecting. DC has audio of the panel, and he did say December.]
  • Flash ongoing series written by Geoff Johns, to start after Blackest Night: Flash. They’re not ready to announce the artist, but Geoff assures us that he’s “awesome.” (announced at DC Universe on Saturday)
  • Kid Flash ongoing written by Sterling Gates. No artist or start date announced. (also announced at DCU panel)
  • A new speedster will join the Flash family by the end of Flash: Rebirth (DCU again.)

I liveblogged both panels (though a technical glitch prevented the DCU post from actually going up as I wrote it, which really annoyed me), and there are some other remarks in those panels (and in DC Nation) that Flash fans might find interesting.

Comic Book Resources has an interview with Geoff Johns in which he talks about the Blackest Night miniseries and the ongoing series. The first story is called “The Dastardly Deaths of the Rogues,” and he says that “all the Flashes in the Flash Universe will be major players in both Flash books.” There’s a lot more at the interview, such as this:

In “Blackest Night: Flash,” it’s the Rogues versus the Black Lantern Rogues and Flash is caught in the middle. And Captain Cold will be facing off against Black Lantern Golden Glider.

Ouch…that’s going to be one nasty fight!

Sunday at Comic-Con (in Tweets)

  • Retweeting @GreatWhiteSnark: RT @slashfilm: A real life light cycle in Flynn’s Arcade. #
  • RT @SpeedsterSite: OH NO! The Flash: Rebirth #4 pushed back again! Set to release August 26th. #
  • Retweeting @SpeedsterSite: RT: @CBR CCI: Geoff Johns on “All Flash” #
  • Slept in today. Just got to the floor and I’d swear it’s more crowded than Saturday. Weird. #
  • Oh, good, Mark Waid has a line today. #
  • OMG Nichelle Nichols! #
  • Scored a copy of the Flash:Rebirth #3 Variant! Wish I’d remembered to look BEFORE yesterday’s Geoff Johns signing, though #
  • Overheard on return to convention center: “Air conditioning! Woo hoo!” #
  • Creepy couple costume: Comedian & battered Silk Spectre from Watchmen. Just saw them pose for a photo w/him hitting her. Messed up. #
  • Home from SDCC! Will post today’s pics (w/ decent bandwidth finally!) & unpack a bit, then sleep. #

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