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Flash Collector Showcase: Mike Welch *Warning Graphic Intensive*

Speed Force is proud to present our second edition of Flash Collector Showcase. We are showcasing Flash memorabilia collectors and their collections from all over the world; whether it be comics, toys, t-shirts, collectibles or art. If it’s a collection and it’s main focus or a large part of it relates to The Flash or his Rogues, this is the place to find it.

To that end all collectors interested in having their collection possibly featured in a future Flash Collector Showcase please send your name, geographic location, a short biography, some background on your collection, and about 3 to 6 pictures to Please include “Flash Collector Showcase” in the subject line. Also be sure to mention if your collection has received special mentions or any other accolades as well, although this is not a requirement.

Last time we featured Filipino Collector, Glen Antonio. Glen had been on local Filipino TV shows and in several articles before being showcased on Speed Force and we were glad to have him. He has also shared his collections with many Comic and Toy Conventions. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter to see what he is up to currently.

Now on to our latest collector to be featured, Mike Welch.
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Francis Manapul Talks Flash

Ain’t It Cool News interviews Francis Manapul about the Flash.

What have been some of the challenges having to draw a character who is basically constantly in motion?

FM: I think the challenge comes in thinking of new ways to portray his speed. I’ve been incorporating a lot of his environment to show motion aside from the Flash himself. From Barry catching Chinese food thrown in the air to putting money in the meter as he evades the villains. Geoff has also been upping his game by having Barry do different things with his speed from dissecting a car apart in mid air to learning and building an apartment in less than minute.

He talks about working with Geoff Johns, adapting his art style to the Flash, working for DC Comics, and more in the full interview.

The artist has also posted several pages of art from today’s Flash #3.

Thoughts on JMS’ New Wonder Woman Direction

Today, DC released some major Wonder Woman news: a new costume designed by Jim Lee and a new direction for the series as J. Michael Straczynski takes over.

To sum up: Persons unknown have altered Wonder Woman’s history so that Paradise Island was wiped out 20 years ago. Diana has no memory of the original timeline, doesn’t have her full powers yet, and needs to survive, help other refugee Amazons, find out who destroyed Paradise Island and find out whether the timeline can be restored.

All-New, All-Different!

I’m always apprehensive when a new writer picks up an established character and the first thing he does is to remove some key element of the character. Like the Flash’s speed (Geoff Johns’ first Flash story, “Wonderland”). Or Superman’s flight (JMS’ first Superman arc, “Grounded”). I understand it might help the writer get inside the character’s head: what is he or she like without the powers? But it always feels like shoehorning some other idea onto the character. Why did you want to write the Flash if you didn’t want to write about a guy who runs fast?

That said, for all that DC is pushing this as a “new direction,” to me this description reads more like a major story arc. I mean, there’s an end point right there in the description: find out who did it and see if it’s possible to change things back. Given the timing of the comics themselves and the time-travel elements to the story, I suspect this is going to be linked to Flashpoint. [Update: Comics Alliance asked JMS about this and he said it’s not related.]

Retcon Fever

It’s worth comparing to Flash: Rebirth, actually. In both cases, someone within the fictional universe has gone back in time and altered the main character’s history. With Diana, we know before the first issue is out. With Barry Allen, only long-term readers knew anything had been changed to begin with. It wasn’t clear that there was an in-story explanation for it until the miniseries was almost over. Even then, the prospect of undoing the changes was only floated long enough to be dismissed as impossible.

Most importantly: changing Diana’s history drastically alters who she is today. That’s a story. Once you get past the doom-and-gloom Barry of Flash: Rebirth #1-3, the changes to his history don’t seem to have made much difference in the present.

This Week (June 30): Flash #3, Velocity #1, JLA #46 & More

Part Three of “The Dastardly Deaths of the Rogues” arrives in stores tomorrow.

The Flash #3

It may be BRIGHTEST DAY, but when a mysterious group of so-called heroes turns up, another Rogue ends up dead. Plus, the mystery deepens as The Flash witnesses another murder — his own!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS · Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL · 1:10 variant cover by GREG HORN.

On sale JUNE 30 (rescheduled) · 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

DC has a 5-page preview online.

Other Speedy Books

  • Justice League of America #46 – Start of a JLA/JSA crossover, featuring both Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick…plus a variant cover focusing on Jesse Quick by The Flash artist Francis Manapul.
  • Justice Society of America #40 featuring Jay Garrick and Liberty Belle.
  • Teen Titans #84 featuring Kid Flash (Bart Allen)
  • Velocity #1 – DC isn’t the only publisher with speedster heroes. Velocity from Top Cow’s Cyberforce gets her own solo miniseries. Newsarama has a preview, and I’ve written a review of the issue.

Flash Jam Sketch

Jesse sent in this photo of an amazing piece of Flash artwork he recently bought:

Here’s how he describes it:

It’s a single board of paper with drawings of the Flash from some of his most notable artists. You’ve got the two main Flash artists from the ’90s: Greg LaRocque (my favorite Flash artist) drew the large picture of Wally on the left, and Mike Wieringo drew one, too! There are also drawings by Pop Mhan and Craig Rousseau. To top it off, Carmine Infantino did the sketch at the top. (I like to think that the 4 drawings are of Wally, with the spirit of Barry looking over, since it’s in a lighter ink.) Oh, and Mark Waid signed the bottom as well. I don’t own a lot of comic art, but even though this was expensive, I jumped at the chance to get it.


It really makes me wonder what the story is behind the fan who originally went around collecting these sketches.

Update: Check out the comments below, where artist Greg LaRocque reveals the secret origin of the sketch!

Speed Reading: Art

Some more weekend linkblogging…

Philip Tan posts an image of Flash and Batman, saying, “What’s This? What’s THIS?! All will be made known soon… Very soon…” (via @SpeedsterSite).

Animation Designer Phillip Bourassa describes JL: Crisis on Two Earths models (via @SpeedsterSite)

That F’ing Monkey shows off a custom Captain Cold Munny figure.

Comics Cosplay Brasil: So that’s where the Flash gets his energy!

The Nerdy Bird shows us some super-hero watercolors.