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Flash #6 Variant Cover by Ale Garza

DC has posted four variant covers on The Source, including Ale Garza’s cover for The Flash #6. Edit: The solicitation credits Ale Garza and Sandra Hope. I can’t read the signatures, so I’m guessing she’s the inker.

The first four issues of the series featured alternate covers that had little to do with the story: the Flash running, or changing into his costume. The fifth (coming late September) will be part of the massive 12-part White Lantern image for Brightest Day. This is the first one to relate directly to the story, featuring the Flash vs. the Renegades.

The Flash #6 is currently scheduled for October 27.

DC 75th Anniversary Soundtrack

DC has announced a soundtrack compilation featuring music from movie and TV adaptations of their characters. The collection goes all the way back to the 1941 Superman cartoons by Max Fleischer Studios and runs up through Green Lantern: First Flight. A lot of it is previously unavailable material, like music from the 1967 Filmation cartoons, Super Friends and Justice League Unlimited, and the live-action Swamp Thing and Shazam! TV shows. There are also familiar tracks like John Williams’ Superman theme, Danny Elfman’s Batman, and the themes from the 1960s Batman and 1970s Wonder Woman TV series.

CBR has a detailed article, and The Source has the track list. Neither article has a release date more detailed than “later this year,” but Amazon lists September 28.

I was surprised not to see anything from the 1990 Flash TV series (though they do have the Flash intro from the Filmation cartoons), but they may have decided it didn’t represent the Flash appropriately. Danny Elfman’s theme for the show does sound a lot like his Batman theme.

If you do want to pick up music from the Flash TV series, you can still get La La Land Records’ limited edition 2-CD soundtrack, featuring Elfman’s theme and Shirley Walker’s score from eight episodes.

T-Shirt: Camera with Flash! (no longer available)

Today’s TeeFury T-shirt is a picture of a camera fully equipped with a flash — or rather, the Flash.

Like Woot (source of the Flash vs. Apple shirt), TeeFury sells one design each day, but unlike Woot, they don’t offer second chances. The design by artist Joao Lauro Fonte will only be available until midnight EDT (sorry I didn’t spot it earlier), so if you want one, run over and buy it fast. They’ll be gone…in a flash. Update: They’re all gone now.

(via Gfest)

Doin’ the Speedster Shuffle (Schedule Changes)

DC’s website has some more scheduling changes for upcoming Flash issues:

Meanwhile, over at Top Cow, Velocity #2 is still in its most recent spot on September 15.

Update September 2:

  • The Flash #7 is now November 17.
  • The Flash #8 is now December 8.
  • Velocity #2 is now September 22. That means Velocity and The Flash are synced up again.

Speed Reading: Boomerang, Barry & Iris, Bart, Sonic & More

Some linkblogging for the weekend.


Other speedsters

  • Impulse Flashback: Bart Allen’s first day of school at Comics Should Be Good’s Year of Cool Comics
  • First Comics News’ Sonic The Hedgehog Month is almost over
  • Top Cow will be selling the SDCC and Supercon Velocity #1 variants through retail in November

Other comics

Flash Hints from Baltimore & Toronto: Flashpoint in Adventure, Secret Origin – UPDATED

This weekend features two comic book conventions: the comics track at FanExpo in Toronto, and Baltimore Comic Con. DC has had a presence at both, splitting their events between Dan Didio in Toronto and Ian Sattler in Baltimore.

CBR covers FanExpo’s DC Nation without revealing any Flash news, though they did plug Francis Manapul’s role on the TV show Beast Legends.

@liabrown1 caught a few bits of info at today’s DC Universe panel:

  • Flash will intro a new character in the 2nd story arc. Afterwards will be Secret Origins. #
  • Flashpoint will greatly affect the Justice League, but otherwise DiDio refused to talk about it. #
  • On Adventure Comics: currently the Legion, then Flashpoint, then a new char will lead the book. #

Update: CBR’s FanExpo DC Universe report is now online.

Newsarama covers Baltimore’s DC Nation with a live-blog, including this exchange:

Q: Is Sterling Gates’s Kid Flash book coming out?
Gates: nope.
Sattler: “But we have something really cool in its place that we can’t talk about.”

They may be talking about the second Flash book, Flash: Speed Force, that Geoff Johns leaked/announced in San Diego. (I got the impression that they weren’t quite ready to announce it at the time.) Or they may have something else in the works.

Update: CBR’s Baltimore DC Nation report is up as well.

Update (Monday): a bit more news from DC’s Sunday Conversation (Baltimore, via CBR):

Where should fans of Wally West be directing their attention? “It’s coming,” Gates said. “Geoff Johns is world-building for Barry Allen right now.”

Yeah, and tomorrow is a rest day. As much as I’m enjoying the new series, I’m really cynical when it comes to DC’s treatment of Wally West these days.

Update (Monday): ComicsAlliance’s FanExpo DC Nation write-up includes Dan Didio explaining that “the constant reinventing of the same characters was getting confusing and factionalizing our audience,” so they decided to pick one Flash, one Atom, etc. and standardize on the “classic” version.

Never mind that in some cases, the “classic” version was dead or retired before they made this decision, and never mind the fact that they also insist that Blue Beetle Ted Kord will stay dead, and Renee Montoya will continue to be the Question. And I don’t see Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, either. So the explanation doesn’t quite add up.