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My name is Devin Johnson and I write for, a blog dedicated to providing all the latest news about the Scarlet Speedster. I mostly contribute to the collectibles part of the site since that is my thing. I recently started my own blog at that highlights items from my collection and great art!

May&nbs-07:00;6,&nbs-07:00;2011:  Recent Acquisitions 7: Hot Pursuit? *Image Intensive*
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Apr&nbs-07:00;1,&nbs-07:00;2011:  Cobalt Blue T-Shirt Available Exclusively At VA Comicon
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Mar&nbs-07:00;17,&nbs-07:00;2011:  White Lantern Flash Exclusive Action Figure
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Feb&nbs-08:00;13,&nbs-08:00;2011:  Toy Fair 2011 (Plus JLU Heatwave and Jay Garrick Prototype Pics)
Feb&nbs-08:00;12,&nbs-08:00;2011:  Recent Acquisitions Volume 6: In Gold We Trust *Image Intensive*
Feb&nbs-08:00;7,&nbs-08:00;2011:  Recent Acquisitions Volume 5: In Blackest Night *Image Intensive*
Feb&nbs-08:00;4,&nbs-08:00;2011:  Recent Acquisitions Volume 4: Ages 3 to 8? PAH!
Jan&nbs-08:00;31,&nbs-08:00;2011:  Geraplica Sculptoys Custom Barry Allen 1:1 Scale Head Bust
Jan&nbs-08:00;28,&nbs-08:00;2011:  Recent Acquisitions Vol.3: My Holy Grail (and various other relics) *Image Intensive*
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Dec&nbs-08:00;25,&nbs-08:00;2010:  Gingerbread Flash (Merry Christmas)
Dec&nbs-08:00;25,&nbs-08:00;2010:  Blue Lantern Barry Announced for DC Universe Classics
Dec&nbs-08:00;21,&nbs-08:00;2010:  Blue Lantern Barry Allen in Stores Tomorrow
Dec&nbs-08:00;10,&nbs-08:00;2010:  Coco riffs on Captain Boomerang and others at WB Animation Studios
Dec&nbs-08:00;7,&nbs-08:00;2010:  New Flash Heroclix Releases Available Later This Month
Nov&nbs-08:00;25,&nbs-08:00;2010:  Flash Ink
Nov&nbs-07:00;3,&nbs-07:00;2010:  DC Direct Flash Collectibles For The Month of November
Oct&nbs-07:00;28,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Sold Out Flash-Related Item To Be Offered Again On “Cyber Monday” and first picture of JLU Jay Garrick
Oct&nbs-07:00;15,&nbs-07:00;2010:  White Lantern Barry Action Figure Announced at NYCC 2010
Aug&nbs-07:00;10,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Recent Acquisitions 2 *Graphic Intensive*
Aug&nbs-07:00;6,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Design and Win Your Own Flash Ring 2010 Contest Update
Jul&nbs-07:00;26,&nbs-07:00;2010:  SDCC 2010 DC Universe Online Trailer Flash Armor Pictures
Jul&nbs-07:00;23,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Comic-Con 2010 Young Justice Cartoon Preview ****UPDATED****
Jul&nbs-07:00;18,&nbs-07:00;2010:  The Fwoosh has First Look at SDCC Exclusive Starro the Conqueror
Jul&nbs-07:00;15,&nbs-07:00;2010:  DC Universe Classics Fan Choice Poll 2010 featuring…Girder!!!
Jul&nbs-07:00;13,&nbs-07:00;2010:  San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Flash-related Exclusives Update!
Jul&nbs-07:00;3,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Happy Independence Day!
Jul&nbs-07:00;1,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Review: The Flash #3 – “The Dastardly Death Of The Rogues Part 3” *SPOILERS*
Jun&nbs-07:00;30,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Flash Collector Showcase: Mike Welch *Warning Graphic Intensive*
Jun&nbs-07:00;18,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Brightest Day Captain Boomerang HeroClix Announced
May&nbs-07:00;27,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Flash Family to appear on Batman: The Brave and the Bold this Saturday in Australia
May&nbs-07:00;26,&nbs-07:00;2010:  And The Winner Is… *Design and Win Your Own Flash Ring Contest Results*
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May&nbs-07:00;14,&nbs-07:00;2010:  eBay prices on JLU Rogues 3 Pack leveling off
May&nbs-07:00;12,&nbs-07:00;2010: and Arrobasilver’s Design and Win Your Own Flash Ring Update!
May&nbs-07:00;4,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Some Quick Flash Action Figure Updates
Apr&nbs-07:00;30,&nbs-07:00;2010:  New Feature! Flash Collector Showcase: Glen Antonio
Apr&nbs-07:00;24,&nbs-07:00;2010:  San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Flash-related Exclusives
Apr&nbs-07:00;21,&nbs-07:00;2010:  Kid Flash to be featured in New Young Justice Cartoon!